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I came across Makeup Revolution online recently after basically being unable to ignore all the great reviews people were giving it. As far as I am aware in the Republic you can purchase Makeup Revolution in a handful of Superdrug stores but there being none near me I decided to buy online. Generally, I look to other bloggers when purchasing makeup online that I won’t be able to see or swatch in the flesh before I part with my hard earned cash. So after some research I decided that these two palettes – the Golden Sugar blusher palette and the I Heart Chocolate eye shadow palette, were not only a safe bet in terms of the colours but also they were too darn cheap I decided to chance my arm!

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First off is the blush palette, Makeup Revolutions Golden Sugar, I just LOVE this. This is a great all-rounder, you have a light matte bronzer for contouring, some really wearable merged blushers for everyday, some slightly more sparkly blushes that would suit for a night out, and an iridescent shade that is perfect for contouring (although not perfect enough for me to put down my Mary Lou-Manizer just yet!). And for £6.00 this is just so cheap. It would make a great palette for bringing away as it would cover all the bases and it’s not as big as it looks (wait, maybe that’s a bad thing?!). It also comes with a really big mirror which is really handy and the packaging (on both products actually) is really sturdy. When applying these blushes because the pigmentation is so good it also means that a little goes a long way so apply in natural light to make sure you don’t end up like a disco ball!

makeup revolution review the two darlings mummy blogger ireland beauty fashion style reviews eye shadow

The I Heart Chocolate eye palette contains a great range of matte and shimmer shadows and two large highlighters, again in matte and shimmer. This palette is famed the internet over for it uncanny resemblance to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and all the comparisons seem to suggest that the Makeup Revolution palette is every bit as good performance wise as its pricey Too Faced counterpart (£7.99 versus €44!). Another brilliant palette for a break away as you have a great range of daytime, evening time and night-time colours. Again, like the previous palette is also comes with a large mirror and an applicator brush although I wouldn’t rate this highly but that’s a personal preference as I hate those applicators.

makeup revolution review the two darlings mummy blogger ireland beauty fashion style reviews eye shadow

So there you go, are you convinced?! I will most certainly be purchasing from Makeup Revolution again, although I’d love to find an actual stand to be able to have a really good gander at the lipsticks and lip liners. If you have a stockist near you, please let me know. Delivery to Ireland was about £4 and took about 4 days. 

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