Me time for Mums

Most mums don’t have much free time, believe me I know. They’re always busy doing something, and more often than not, they’re busy doing something for someone else in the family or for work. It’s not unusual for some mums to spend the whole day in a blur, and then get to the end of the day realising there’s still stuff left to do. And then all you have the energy to do is flop into bed! 

But because one of the side effects of being a mum is always having something to feel guilty about, mums in general tend to be really bad at taking any time out for themselves. ‘Mummy me time’ is a concept, an idea, it’s rarely a reality in most mums’ daily lives

Having a bit of ‘me’ time every now and then allows you to relax and feel calm, but you shouldn’t think that you’re the only one who will benefit. Occasional downtime during a busy day will actually enable you to be a better mum because when you’re stressed out that can transfer to the kids really easily, making them wound up too. Just a few minutes of self-indulgence will give you a boost and mean that you’re ready to don that ‘superwoman’ cape again for the rest of the day.

time out

Get outside

This is one of my favourite ways to clear my head. Not always possible given the bad weather, dark evenings, long days at work and then kids to organise but even a short brisk walk will blow out the cobwebs.


I mentioned previously about adult coloring books, these are a great way to zone out and yet be present. I find this one of the most relaxing ways to just chill out and I guard my colouring pencils from those sticky hands!

See the internet as your playground

Nearly everyone has constant access to the internet today, either at home on broadband or through their mobile phone. Online is the perfect place for you to take time out, we all love Facebook but there are other places to take five minutes out. Take casino websites as an example. Log in to any casino website or make a choice from the selection of reviews of the best Casinos Online. 

Make a coffee date

A date doesn’t have to be with your partner, it can also be with a friend. Book a regular slot to meet up with friends who don’t revolve around the kids’ activities. It’s important to nurture your own friendships away from the family as well as taking care of the kids’ social calendars. You don’t need to dedicate half a day to it, a 20 minute catch-up with an old friend can do you the power of good. If you can’t coordinate diaries to meet in person, then do it over the phone!breaktime for mum

Take time out from everything

You don’t have to ‘do’ anything specific to have time out, of course. In fact, sometimes it’s good to do nothing – don’t read a book, don’t do your nails, don’t even think about plumping those sofa cushions. Just sit back and relax on the sofa, without distractions from the phone, TV or radio, and just allow yourself to zone out for five minutes. If you can be bothered to light a candle to make the atmosphere more conducive to relaxation, go ahead, but there’s no need to. Get lost in your own thoughts or let your mind go blank if you can. You’ll feel great after just a few minutes.

While your day-to-day routine may not allow for much ‘me time’, if you can structure your life so you get some time to yourself every day, you’ll have a chance to recharge those batteries, and get the most out of life.

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