Nappies nappies everywhere!

I would almost consider myself a nappy aficionado at this stage, three kids in and so far I’ve been changing nappies for four and a half years solid, and that is obviously set to continue for another couple of years now that Lucy has landed! I’ve tried every size, shape and brand of nappy over the years and one thing is always for sure, when gravity takes hold these nappies are bulky in the middle. So when Pampers approached me and appealed the scientist within me I  took on the challenge of testing this nappy to see just how much water it could hold (thankfully they didn’t ask me to test it with the real deal!). pampers baby-dry nappy the two darlings parenting blogger mummy blogger ireland cork The new Pampers Baby-Dry nappy has three absorbing channels until regular nappies which just have the one. The purpose of the three channels is the keep the Micro-Pearls that absorb the pee in three separate compartments within the nappy, distributing the wetness evenly around the nappy meaning less of a big wet bulky lump in the morning and more of a happy baby. And happy mother, honestly I hate having to change nappies in the middle of the night because it inevitably wakes the baby right up making the back to sleep rigmarole all the longer after a feed. pampers baby-dry nappy the two darlings parenting blogger mummy blogger ireland cork Lucy’s little bottom isn’t quite big enough for the nappies I was sent so to put the nappy to the test I poured 250 mls of coloured water into the nappy, all in one go which let me tell you is a lot of water so I figured if the nappy could cope with that volume in one shot it would be well able for little piddles throughout the night! And it could to be quite frank, and if you don’t believe me check out my video below (my first ever foray into YouTube, hardly ground breaking but nice to start somewhere!). You’ll see from the video, even when the nappy (to my mind anyway) looks full you can literally see it absorbing even more liquid. 


And I do hope that someday soon little Lucy will be as good a sleeper as her big sisters and go for the full night. And at least then I’ll know that if she does wake and she’s wearing these new Pampers then she won’t be waking because of a wet bum! And I’m not sure she’ll thank me for talking about her tiny bottom so much in this blog post in the future…!! 

This is (probably obviously!) a sponsored post! 

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