One year old

My small lady turns one today. Hard to believe how fast the time flies. I can safely say its been the happiest and most contented year of my life to date. During my second pregnancy I worried so much over how the impact of a second baby would change our family dynamic. And then she arrived, all 10lbs 3 oz of her at 39 weeks, and all that worry vanished. Her big sister took on her new role with such grace, kindness, love and understanding. The little lady has not stopped smiling since she could, she is so happy, mostly thanks to her big sister and all the happiness, entertainment and (sometimes overzealous) hugs she gives her. Cara is nothing like her big sister, they don’t look anything alike and personality wise they most certainly couldn’t be much more different.

sisters new baby toddler big sister the two darlings I think first birthdays are particularly emotional for Mammies. Pregnancy, birth and the first most challenging year is still fresh in our minds. I’m glad I survived it with more ease than the big lady’s first year but I’m sad that the baby stage is really over.

We’ll celebrate properly this weekend as unfortunately I have to work today. Such is life. I can’t wait to run out of here this evening and give both of my babies a hug. And maybe myself and my husband will have a few bubbles and say cheers to a job (relatively!) well done. 

Because they’ll always be my babies, no matter how old they are!sisters the two darlings parenting blog ireland


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