Outdoor activities for toddlers and babies

Is there anything more perfect that being outside in the warm sunshine on a Wednesday morning in June (finally sun!)?! No, I don’t think so. It’s absolutely brilliant to be able to finally get outdoor for activities with the girls. The fresh air and exercise is great for speedy naps, long deep sleeps and healthy appetites. And there are so many games to play to keep both a big toddler and a small toddler entertained and happy.

Bubbles – honestly the big toddler could spend a half hour running after bubbles trying to catch them. The small lady was happy to watch from the safe confines of her buggy.

Tennis – for her third birthday the big lady got a set of tennis bats and balls which we have knocked ages out of. She is able to hit the ball to us and back to us but it serves as a suitable challenge, just right for her age and ability.

Wooden push along – we’ve had one of these now for both girls when they started to learn how to walk and they are just brilliant. The small lady is flying around the house, inside and out, using this and gaining real confidence when it comes to walking. If she’s anything like her big sister she won’t let go for a few months yet but that’s no harm either.

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Football – simple, simple, simple but lots of time spent chasing it and kicking it to each other.

Finding things – we go to the park and we have to look for the ducks, when we go to the forest we look for a sweet from the fairy (yes I subscribe to the School of Bribery, oh well – one sweet equals over an hour long walk by a three year old so it evens out!). You can search for items like leaves and sticks to use for art projects later in the day. Look for cows or butterflies if you’re going for a walk in the countryside, or seasonal flowers (or weeds in my case usually!).

Cycling – the big lady got a bike for her birthday which she is just now getting the hang of. It took a while to get her head around the concept of moving her feet around in a full circle on the peddles but now she is flying. There have been a few runs into the hedges on the side of the road but nothing more than a little hurt pride when her Nana or Mother can’t help but giggle!

I’m sure there are lots more activities – leave your tips in the comments or let me know on Facebook or Twitter!

9 thoughts on “Outdoor activities for toddlers and babies

  1. Great List! There’s so much to do when the kids are out, just need for the sun to come out too, especially here in Scotland when the sun si always hiding behind the clouds. My kids loves cycling too, it’s great fun for them. #whatevertheweather

  2. Great post! I was wondering the right age to start our girls at tennis as we’re lucky enough to have a court in our village, but I think I may have to wait a bit longer! Also I need to work on my bubble blowing skills – I always manage to get on the wrong side of the wind no matter where I stand! Some lovely ideas here! #whatevertheweather

  3. Some great ideas! We should try getting tennis bats and balls for our boys I think, or maybe swing ball as our garden is small! Might be a Xmas present for playing in the garden next year! We love getting bubbles out and bikes are always a big favourite, O is getting a pedal bike for his 4th birthday this month now he’s doing so well on his balance bike. I’m looking forward to him cycling properly so we can go on bike rides together!
    Thanks for linking up your lovely list to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  4. Nothing beats being outside in the sun on a warm day, you’re so right! And what a great list of activities. Oh my gosh my daughter loves bubbles although I think I love them more. They’re so pretty and peaceful aren’t they. We definitely want to go cycling next summer. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this!! I wish I read this post sooner. Hopefully we’ll have a warm september and get to go out on bikes. Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather x

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