The most perfect apple pie with Pink Lady®

AD ¦ I love baking but it’s one of those lovely pass times that has had to take a backseat over the last few years making way for dinners and snacks and lunches and snacks and breakfast and did I mention I serve up a lot of snacks during the day!?!? I think by the time I’m finished feeding my brood I’m spun out and just don’t have the energy for baking and cleaning.

As a side note I was at the ploughing this year with Pink Lady® at their stand (which was great crack!) but also really informative and I loved learning about the sustainable practises employed by Pink Lady®, water consumption where the apples are grown is closely monitored and they have developed a training programme to encourage all their growers are educated in the preservation of bees. I think most people will know if they read my blog or follow my social pages that this is a big interest of ours, we have four small kids so we are always making small changes around the house to try and lead by example.But the weekends are a lovely time to up my baking game and last week I had the pleasure of going to the Ploughing with Pink Lady ® Apples which was not only a lovely day out but I learned a new recipe. I adore the apples, they were actually one of my major cravings during my pregnancy with Alice, how random and they used to give me desperate heartburn but I couldn’t resist! Otherwise they are hands down are favourite apples though in the house, sweet and crunchy every time so I was delighted to get the chance to work with them, that’s what I adore about this whole world of social media, getting to work with brands that just seamlessly fit into our lives, its perfect! Anyway I digress, as part of Pink Lady® being at the Ploughing this year they had (one of my all time favourite chefs!) Donal Skehan develop a recipe especially for it. It’s an apple pie and hey you might think, apples in an apple pie, ground breaking but oh my god NICEST PIE EVER!!!!! I absolutely hate anything bitter and I find apple pies made with cooking apples are usually FULL of sugar to make the apples palatable. And yes a pie or a tart is a treat so who cares about the sugar content right but it is nice to think that you can have your cake and eat it without worrying about the amount of sugar in it.The pastry is simple, flour, butter and water and my husband loved it and let me just add that my husband comes from a household where his mother is the most supreme baker I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!! It was simple to do and it was delicious to eat. I filled the pie with as many apples as I could fit, it only needed 50g of sugar and it cooked away while we ate our roast and it was the most delicious treat on a Sunday evening!

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