Quinoa for babies

I was sent a lovely box of quinoa products for babies and children from Quniola Mothergrain  recently and put them through their paces over the past few weeks. By way of introduction lets clear one thing up – Quinoa is not actually pronounced quinn-o-a but keen-wah. Quinoa  is plant-based  vegetable protein that is full of vitamins as well as being gluten and cholesterol free. The company  imports fair-trade quinoa from Peru in conjunction with the Cabaña Farming Co-operative. The products are packaged near Calais in partnership with a French reintegration organisation that employs people with learning difficulties to package the products – all using recycled cardboard. quinoa for babies quinoa for children weaning healthy baby foods the two darlings mummy blogger ireland quinola mothergrainAnd onto the actual products themselves. I’ll start by saying that the website suggests that the products I was sent are suitable for 3 year olds and older– I had a good look at the ingredients and couldn’t see any reason not to give it to my 1 year old so I did. They have a baby range also so you could look into this alternative for babies. We tried all three of their products – Tex Mex, Thai and Mediterranean. Our favourite was the Thai one although they were all really tasty and the Tex Mex one came with kidney beans so it was packed full of protein. If you’ve never tried Quinoa before I would say that the texture is a little unusual therefore my toddler, being a little but stuck in her ways somewhat reluctantly ate hers. The small lady wolfed it down! The packaging is handy for putting in a changing bag to have as a healthy, wholesome snack when you’re on the go, it can be eaten hot or straight out of the packet.

It is primarily stocked in Ireland around the Dublin area and around the northern part of the Republic in around 30 Supervalu stores and many health food shops – unfortunately I don’t see any stockist south of the M4 but I’ll keep an eye out as I’m sure they will expand further. The packets I received retail at €2.49 per packet. If I spot them again myself I certainly will stock up.

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  1. I wish there had been more products like this around when our LO was a toddler. It was really hard to find food like this without making it all from scratch. he has become really fussy now but am hoping he will grow out of it! x

    1. I know what you mean – my three year old is the same, fussy with different textures etc but our 1 year old is amazing with food now because she’s had so many different foods and maybe I was a little braver second time round!

  2. lovely review on these we have had them before and really loved them in fact it was my other half who started taking them to work even though there aimed at toddlers he loved them haha thanks for sharing on #kidscorner x

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