When a one year old thinks she’s three

This time of year is a nice time to reflect. Considering the blog turns one year old in a couple of weeks I’ll save a reflect of my first blogging year until then. So today I’ll focus on the ladies, who constantly provide me with inspiration. With the small ladies I love looking back at previous Christmas’s and comparing them with the current to get a real feel for how life has changed in the space of 12 short months. This year was the first Christmas when Santa really came, there was no fear just sheer excitement which was a joy and a pleasure to witness and be part of. The small lady unfortunately came down with something that we never really figured out but it passed nonetheless but not without many sleepless nights, worry and endless comforting. 

three year old toddlerThere are, as most mothers know, lots of stages with babies and toddlers. Stages where they sleep well, stages where they don’t, stages where they behave, and stages where they don’t. We’ve recently found ourselves at stage with a small lady that we didn’t encounter with the first. The stage where she thinks she’s three and half but hasn’t quite realised that she’s trapped in a 20 month olds body. My heart often goes out to the small lady as she tries to jump and can’t, tries to shout and well that one she’s figuring out pretty quickly. She wants to talk but can’t and I find this one in particular something I have to be careful of as her big sister is great for helping but on this front I fear it ma be detrimental in the long run.

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She wants to walk everywhere but her tiny little legs won’t carry her far and my back is almost broken from lifting her. She won’t stay put in her buggy either which is a fantastic but large Qunny. I want something a little less cumbersome for the times when she does escape and I have to juggle a large buggy and the art of catching a toddler which is a difficult task for even the most agile and able-bodied of parents. So I’m on the hunt of the best lightweight strollers at the moment. Anyway, I digress.  

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So as I reflect on what the past year has brought, I’m even more excited to get to witness the changes this year will bring about first hand. I have said it before though and I do mean it, although life is busy with two it’s wonderful. 

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