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Possibly one of the more random posts but there’s no denying beauty boxes have taken off in a big way over the past few years. GlossyBox and BirchBox are probably some of the more famous beauty boxes but now you can get a box of goods delivered to your door with a selection of goods tailored around many themes. Like the Sanitary Owl – which is a (very subtle) box of sanitary products delivered straight to your door once every two months with enough products to keep you ticking over! Sounds random but honestly so handy there’s no denying that. Sanitary owl beauty box the two darlings subscription service parenting blog

You pick your bits and pieces from a fairly comprehensive selection of items and each box comes with a little drawstring bag so you can store you bits and pieces nice and subtly in the bathroom. 

Sanitary Owl also do a really brilliant First Period Box for younger girls for whom the world of periods lingers. They do an introductory box which I have pictured below which is just the perfect starter kit and really makes the whole experience seem a little less daunting. The box comes with a large selection of products so girls can see what there is to offer and figure out their own preferences. 

Sanitary owl beauty box the two darlings subscription service parenting blog

It also comes with two leaflets, one for young girls and one for the parents. The box includes a drawstring bag like the regular box and also a little pouch so you can keep your bits and bobs discreetly in your bag. The box also includes a pair of special underwear and a little bracelet  which is just a lovely touch! (not pictured, mine was swiftly commandeered by the big lady!).The company also does a lot with charities, more of which you can read here but it’s something that they are very proud of. The First Period Box can be bought as a one off and costs £24.99. The subscription boxes depend on what and how much you add to them but expect to pay around £10-12 per box which will set you up for two months so it’s actually pretty good value for that price. 

Sanitary owl beauty box the two darlings subscription service parenting blog

This post features samples I was sent for the purposes of a review, as always, no bs here! 

9 thoughts on “Sanitary Owl

  1. Such a strange thing to think of but at the same time such a great idea for young girls! Love that you can try lots of different ones – a great way to try out one or two of each without having to buy a whole pack and then waste it if you don’t like them!

  2. I think the first period box is a great idea. One of those things a tween/teen could have ready to explore before starting, and then try out a few without having to go to parents that first time in a panic.

  3. It’s a lovely idea but there is a distinct lack of chocolate in that box!! I’ve seen a couple of others of these and it seems less indulgent in comparison. It would feel a lot more like a treat if the box was coloured and there was a bit of tissue paper in there. It would also be nice if the starter pack included a cloth pad to try too as a lot of people think disposable is the only easy choice when actually cloth is easy and feels much nicer.

  4. Period box sounds like a good idea, I wish they did this during my teens. It’s nice that they give you a generous amount and naming what are the different usage for periods.

  5. I think this sort of box is great for young teens who are just experiencing their first periods, the drawstring bag would be handy and very discrete for taking pads, etc. to school. It’s great that the company also has a charitable aspect to it too, always great to see.

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