Shimmer and Shine!

I am lucky enough to be sent lots of wonderful products to try and test out but the really beauty in blogging is when the girls get toys to review. I would go so far as to say that since the Shimmer and Shine dolls arrived at the door there hasn’t been a day where the girls haven’t danced to the catchy tune the dolls sing! I have to admit it has a habit of getting stuck in my head too….! Both ladies really loved these dolls, one is almost 3 and the other almost 5 so the dolls were perfectly suitable for both age groups. The small lady liked the singing and the phrases the dolls say (of which there are plenty so it doesn’t get repetitive) and the older lady is at a stage where she is more likely to actually play and create scenarios with dolls. 

shimmerThe thing I like about dolls for girls is that it provides them with the tools to use their imaginations. I also find with the two girls now it’s a great way for them to learn simple social skills like sharing, waiting and teamwork. No matter how many pairs of shoes you may have for a doll it’s always the one pair that both ladies want so they have to learn to play without fighting over things which is a great skill to learn themselves. Also, these dolls are not like Barbie in that they pretty much depend on a man. its just about the two dolls, Shimmer and Shine and what they can do themselves for you, like granting wishes. shineMy ladies are currently big into playing games of Mum’s and Dad’s so these dolls have featured heavily as the babies within this game, I always smile when I find myself stuck in the middle of their imaginary games on a Monday morning, definitely not how I thought my life would turn out but I couldn’t be happier lost in their imaginary world with them! 



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