Tips for buying shoes for toddlers

With the onset of age comes a new air of independence with the big lady. She has always been rather ‘headstrong’ for want of the most complimentary word. She learned how to speak quite early on because she had to get herself across unlike the small lady now whose rather passive and not too bothered about what she gets as long as it’s the same as her big sister. Anyway, what has this got to do with shoes I hear you ask?!

Clarks shoes for toddlers shoes for girls the two darlings parenting blog

Well shoe shopping with the small lady takes far longer than it should. We generally go to Clarks for shoes, I guess it’s ingrained in my mind that they’re the best shoes for their feet. They’re expensive but I’ve only ever found them to stand the test of time. And they also have a nice selection from boots, runner, ballerinas and sandals.

Clarks shoes for toddlers shoes for girls the two darlings parenting blog

Despite the winter this year the big lady wouldn’t leave the shop with anything other than than glorified ballerina pumps. But the soles were sturdy and they came in a range of widths which is probably what draws me back to Clarks time and again. She has pretty wide feet so many highstreet store shoes simply do not fit her.

To be honest I buy my Clarks wherever I can get the best value for money, during the sales, in Street when I’m visiting family in England which is where Clarks originated from and there is now an outlet village there with a good selection for great value. Online too, if you get a child sized in store buying online it a good idea as you can shop around the lots of websites selling Clarks shoes, not just their own website.

For summer time we’ll get into Doodles which I adore, they’re great value and easy to wash. I would say though that Doodles after one young lady has gone through them wouldn’t be anything more than a back up pair for the second lady as they don’t wear brilliantly past the end of one summer. 

Clarks Doodles

So whether you shop online or enjoy the excursion a shoe shopping trip can be there is great value to be found nowadays by simply shopping around. 

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