Skin tightening treatments – choosing the one for you

Sagging skin can be a real nightmare, but it’s not one that you have to continue dealing with. There are plenty of ways to correct sags and wrinkles at your local spa or skincare clinic. However, you can’t just use any random one of those treatment methods. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a method of skin tightening.

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How Big the Treatment Area is and Where it is Located

The size and location of the wrinkles and sags is one major factor. There are some treatments that can be used almost anywhere on your body and are actually meant to handle larger issues. A couple examples would be Dermaroller (micro-needling) and sound wave treatments, such as ultrasound (Ultherapy) or radio frequency treatments. All of those are ways to basically kick start your body’s own natural defenses and get it to send elements to your skin cells to repair them. There are certain procedures that only work on the face and neck area. They simply aren’t performed on other parts of the body. So, you might be able to rule those in or out immediately, depending on your situation. There are also procedures that are idea for treating precise areas of skin. Lasers are one example. Although, there are also laser devices that can treat larger areas easily. 

The Type and Color of Your Skin 

Another major factor is the type and color of your skin. Type refers to anything from how thick or thin your skin is to whether it is oily or dry. One example of why thins like that matter is that certain medical laser equipment is not suitable for treating oily skin. Some lasers get quite hot. When they heat skin that is excessively oily, that oil can create blisters and burns on the skin’s surface. There are also other types of skincare methods that work best on specific skin types and not as well on others. 
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Other Skin Concerns or Conditions That You Have

The next factor to think about is what other skin issues you need to deal with besides just trying to tighten skin sags or wrinkles. Do you have sun spots, acne, or some sort of dermatitis? Are you experiencing extremely dry skin, or is your skin starting to feel leathery to the touch? If you have any other skin issues at all you should discuss them with your clinician. There might be a single treatment type that will work for you, or you might need to address the issues separately with different procedure. No matter what treatment you wind up having for your sagging skin, you should also be prepared to have it on a semi-regular basis. It takes several treatments to show any results sometimes. Also, even if the treatments are successful, the skin sags may eventually return, which means that you might need to have future procedures to keep up with them. However, as long as you stick to a good daily skincare routine you can increase your chances of long-lasting results.

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