Nimue – skincare worth investing in

Anyone who has read my blog for a while now will know I struggle with my skin having written previously about how to deal with hormonal skin and how to cover it all up. I have battled with bad skin pretty much all my life, I can barely remember a time where I haven’t had at least a couple of spots, that usually being a good skin day. A good few months ago now a group of us were invited to a brand night with a brand I had never heard of, Nimue Skin Technology, as a local girl Niamh had just stepped into the role of National Educator. She talked us through the brand, along with the help of Jean Marie Sander (Neethling) who is the brand ambassador. Now I don’t think I could do justice to the wealth of scientific research that has gone into the brand over the years so I won’t even try. To cut it EXTREMELY short Nimue is a cosme-pharmaceutical brand that deals with skin through four targeted ranges – Environmentally Damaged, Problematic (that’s me!), Hyperpigmented and the Interactive range. It penetrates the top layers of the skin and encourages skin to work itself in a manner where is works to repair itself with the help of the products.  At the event we were given a starter pack specific to our skin type (worth €100) which provided us with (at least) 6 weeks worth of product.nimue ireland nimue skincare minue starter pack problematic skin nimue international the two darlings parenting blog mummy blogger irelandI started using the Nimue Skin Technology range about 2 months ago and held off putting anything in words until I had given the products to work, skincare takes time! And I have to say it’s a skincare routine that takes time – you wash your face first with the cleansing gel, then use the conditioning spray and depending on whether it’s day or night you use a purifier (night) then moisturiser or moisturiser and then sunscreen (day). You also use the Exfoliating Enzyme 2-3 times a week which is not an abrasive exfoliant that promotes the renewal of skin cells and removes dead skin, gently. Sunscreen is probably one of the more important steps, because Nimue Skin Technology penetrates the top layers of the skin to regenerate cells it makes the skin a little more susceptible to UV damage.nimue ireland nimue skincare minue starter pack problematic skin nimue international the two darlings parenting blog mummy blogger irelandFor me anyway, this has genuinely changed my life. Ok so perhaps that is dramatic but honestly, to go from a point where looking in the mirror with despair at the sheer volume of work that had to be done to cover up spots to a time where I now actually ENJOY looking in the mirror at my skin is a pure pleasure. And people have commented on my skin, telling me I’m glowing (which I’m not that is usually sweat!) and that my skin looks great. I don’t need any hard working foundations or concealers anymore, all I need is a really light BB or CC cream, and that to me is a sheer thrill. 

If you’ve met me in the past couple of months you’ll probably have heard me raving about this brand. And I’m not being paid or getting any special treatment from Nimue (aside from the starter pack of course). I’ve long since finished that and have bought all the full sized products myself. It is not cheap, but then if you struggle with your skin you know no fix is either cheap or quick. You would be talking about €30 for the cleansing gel and about €58 for the moisturiser and I would imagine (I haven’t finished any of the full sized products yet) that they would last about 4-5 months but I could be wrong. You can’t just buy it online or in a store, there is a specific list of trained and qualified salons nationwide where you first get advice on what will work for your skin and where you can get advice on what you need etc. I know that suggests that getting access to the brand is awkward but honestly to me that just shows how professional the whole experience is. nimue ireland nimue skincare minue starter pack problematic skin nimue international the two darlings parenting blog mummy blogger irelandI also had a Nimue facial with the fabulous Phil from Radiance Beauty in Mitchelstown who is my local stockist. I had the starter Nimue Facial as part of the process to really kick start the process of getting my skin to heal itself and work properly. I think this was probably the part of the process that I really felt that really, really made the biggest difference. The facial (which costs about €60) took the guts of two hours and it is not necessarily a relaxing treatment where product is just massaged onto your face. No, no, this is a facial that works hard to clean your skin, to give your skin a kick start in terms of returning it a point where it works properly!! I could LITERALLY see the difference in my skin when I walked out of there and I continue to see the payoff since. nimue ireland nimue skincare minue starter pack problematic skin nimue international the two darlings parenting blog mummy blogger irelandSo yes, suffice to say I am thoroughly impressed with Nimue Skin Technology. I will not be changing anytime soon as it just works so well for me. I’m still battling redness from old spots but those are easy to cover. I am so thrilled to be able to finally say my skin is clear without having to shell out for expensive dermatologists as I have done in the past which turned out only to be short fixes by way of medication. I am genuinely thrilled with how well it has worked for me and you know what, ask anyone who uses the brand and I can guarantee they will agree. It is quite simple, skincare worth investing in. 


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