Sleeping soundly

So I thought it would be remiss of me not to post an update to this post. The post sparked much conversation with friends and family regarding sleep schedules and nap times. I know I’m a second time mother but you know, even if you’ve done it once before you’re still learning. So I took to the Google machine to see what other 12month olds were doing in terms of naps. Our lady was going for one nap during the day at about midday. A bit of investigation seemed to suggest that two naps would suit her better, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. So on Friday I started the ball rolling on a new napping schedule. We continued this over the weekend, a nap at 10.15am for about an hour and fifteen minutes and another nap in the afternoon around 3.30pm for about an hour.

And guess what – every single night the small lady has slept from 7.30pm until 7am SOLIDLY.

Not a single peep out of her.


7 thoughts on “Sleeping soundly

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  2. Good for you for figuring that out! Olivia even at 5 every now and again needs afternoon naps! And yes I am a dad of three and I still learn and my eldest is 16 lol thanks for linking with #wineandboobs

  3. Wow, what a great discovery! Google is the best. I’m so glad she is sleeping well now, well done! #wineandboobs

  4. This is really brilliant! ::internally seethes with jealously:: I am just now trying to get my Little Bald One into a napping schedule. It works some days and some days it doesn’t. But this gives me hope that with perseverance we’ll crack it! #wineandboobs

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