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I didn’t think I’d be writing this post but then in the back of mind I probably did! After having the first lady I was so fit and healthy, running and eating well so by the time I found myself expecting the second lady I was slipping into a size 10 skinny jeans and toned throughout. After the second lady I ran like mad and used My Fitness Pal to lose weight, which I did, getting back to pre-pregnancy weight by about 12 weeks post partum. BUT, my friends, there is a significant difference between weight and shape when it comes to most Mammies. Life with two small kids, a full time job and a busy husband doesn’t lend itself to many opportunities to exercise. Sitting behind a desk for 8 hours in the day then doesn’t lend itself to being toned. Eating yummy scones and chocolate bars at your breaks or a glass of wine here and there in the evenings (hello I deserved it after almost 2 years of abstinence over the past 4 years!!) most certainly doesn’t lend itself to an overall healthy lifestyle, unfortunately.

Over the past few months I’ve noticed things getting softer around the middle, jeans that little bit tighter and skin that little bit less spot-free. You know it’s a sure sign something is not quite right when you tell your husband you’re going to join Slimming World and he doesn’t disagree….

slimming world office workers post pregnancy the two darlings

So join is I did. A friend and I joined which was great because that was the motivation I needed. I can genuinely say I was not prepared for the weight that appeared on the weighing scales. I’m tall so I probably carry weight well (if that makes sense) but I’m just touching the ‘unhealthy weight’ range which you can check for yourself here. I think most people have been surprised when I’ve said I’ve joined and that I am almost at unhealthy weight so perhaps this can be an eye opener for people with regards to weight and our attitudes towards what we perceive as healthy.

slimming world office workers post pregnancy the two darlings

So here I find myself a few days in having actually eaten a healthy breakfast at my morning tea break instead of starting the day with a scone…and lots of real butter…and jam….I’ve only attended one Slimming World class and I was truly impressed with their attitude to dieting, actually it doesn’t feel like a diet it feels like a change in attitude and a rethink of how I view food. I think it’s breakfast and lunch I’m going to struggle the most with but there seems to be lots of inspiration online so I’m looking forward to the challenge!

Have any of you tried Slimming World? Did it work for you? Any tips to share please do!

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  2. I haven’t tried Slimming World but totally get what you’re saying about feeling a bit softer in the tummy area and jeans being tighter. Maybe I should give it a go too? x

  3. Good for you for giving this a go. I’ve not tried any slimming products as part of a systematic diet although I have tried slimming meals/diet food on a one off basis. I have to admit I struggle with breakfast the most even though I’m not dieting! Thanks for sharing

  4. Ha, I had the same nearly falling off the scales at the the weigh in. I actually said, is that right?! As if it could be wrong. I’ve been waiting till I get to my target weight as only 3 pounds away to blog about the whole experience, as a bit of an incentive. it really is great and i think i’ve made permanent changes. bet you will lose a ton this week!

  5. I used to be a slimming world member and considering re-joining a class before Christmas. It is great for support and recipe ideas and the #slimmingworld thread on instagram is great also. All the best with your journey 🙂 x

  6. Just back from a lovely holiday in Italy enjoying home-made pasta, cheeses and unsurprisingly the fabulous wine! Afraid to check the scales!! Hmmmm think I’ll be joining you. Lots of luck with it, will be very interested to hear how you get on. x

  7. Good for you Eimear, even though I think you look great. I havn’t done slimming world but I joined weight watchers when Millie was 6 weeks old and last 3 ibs, they group meetings and weighin really spur you on so best of luck with it

  8. i haven’t tried slimming world but I’ve done weight watchers twice and reached goal and less both times. The first was before baby, the second after baby. You wouldn’t think I was overweight to look at me either, not because I’m tall (I’m only 5’3!) but because I’m pear shaped and have learned to dress to flatter my shape. It’s shocking to know what counts as overweight. X

  9. I tend to calorie count, although I really need to get back to it because it’s not really happened. I’m not sure Slimming World would work for me, because there’s so much that I could just eat as ‘free food’ that I’d just keep eating.

  10. I have never tried slimming world, I wonder if you can do it whilst breastfeeding?? I’m looking to get back into shape now baby no. 2 is here… just don’t know where to start!!! x

  11. I’ve momentarily put dieting aside until the spring.Too much pressure to lose weight building up to Christmas doesn’t give me much motivation at all.I live in skirts and dresses during the autumn and winter so I don’t notice the tightness I get if I wear trouser or jeans.I do keep up drinking 2 litres of water a day and doing plenty of walking every day.

  12. I must say I’m not the best at keeping diet, so what I do is I exercise and eat early. I bought a stepper I keep in my room so when I watch TV I can exercise. Sometimes I find that this helps me because I’m not focusing on how much minutes I am on the machine instead I’m focusing on what I’m watching on TV and it work.

  13. Unfortunately I have the opposite problem I am trying to gain weight which is difficult because I have a high metabolism but well done you for making the right changes in your diet and routine. Keep going you can do it.

  14. I went for one session. I can’t understand how an avocado has more ‘syns’ than a bar of chocolate.
    I also don’t agree with eating as much pasta as you like.
    Each to.their own but it wasn’t for me.

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