Spring beauty favourites

You all know I love a bargain, lets face it who doesn’t. When it comes to makeup and skincare and beauty in general I tend to focus my money on getting the basics of skincare right and then I like to let my makeup be a little fun. That said I’m fairly conservative but I do love to throw on a little lipstick in the mornings to draw the attention away from my tired eyes.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, essence (with a small e, I haven’t let me punctuation slide!) is a really brilliant brand. A couple of years ago I placed in the category of teenagers and those years younger than me who were still going through the blue eye shadow phase. In more recent years the brand has grown up somewhat and is now most certainly a brand I’m not ashamed to have as a permanent fixture on my makeup table.
First up are a couple of new releases from essence this Spring. Actually there are loads of things I love from this collection, there are a few blushes that are really gorgeous subtle shade of pink and a cream eyeshadow pencil/liner that is great for lining the waterline and giving the eye a bit of brightening up. Here are my two favourites though, first up the mascara is absolutely divine. I normally go for a rubber applicator but this one works. It looks like any other regular mascara but there is something about the brush and the mascara that delivers a really fanned out, distinctive look. I don’t normally find it starts to run by the end of the day but if I’m tired and touch my eyes it does.beauty bargains spring good shampoo for brown hair the two darlings parenting beauty blogger irelandThis lip oil is a serious gem. It feels so luxurious on the lips and lasts a nice while without feeling sticky. I throw it on in the mornings and evenings and it is especially good at this time of the year while we experience warmth some days and real cold on others. And it works great to prep the lips for the next gem which is this Glossy Stick. Lord this is nice, the slim shape makes it really easy to apply, I find the thicker lip crayons a little tedious to apply but this seems to hit the mark nicely between a liner and a lipstick in terms of width. The colour is really strong and I, who is usually very conservative when it comes to lip colour, really like wearing this. I actually think Glossy stick is a bit of an odd name as its not glossy at all rather it lies somewhere between dewy and matte. It’s not going to last all day or all night but really and truly few of them do and if they do you pay for it in dry lips the next day. This one last a respectable amount of time and it easy to reapply quickly so a winner in my eyes.beauty bargains spring good shampoo for brown hair the two darlings parenting beauty blogger ireland essence makeup ireland I’ve been alternating between two shampoos recently, the Elave one I mentioned previously and this shampoo and conditioner from Joicio. These are designed for brown hair and designed to enhance the colour. I must say I’m suitably impressed. I was finding that when I used the Bedhead Primer in my hair the Elave shampoo wasn’t able to remove it properly and left me with white product in my hair so I use the Joicio products whenever I have piled product into my hair when styling it. They are really nice, leave my hair shiney and my scalp is not dry at all so I think I’ve hit on a good combo!beauty bargains spring good shampoo for brown hair the two darlings parenting beauty blogger irelandI mentioned another brush I got from the much blogged/facebooked/tweeted about/instagrammed Penny’s makeup brush collection recently. The other is smaller than this but suffice to say I cannot tell the difference between it and a Real Techniques brush I have. This one is a huge brush perfect for applying bronzer to the neck with to match up between tan and foundation. Gorgeous, soft fluffy brush for a steal at a fiver (I think!).
beauty bargains spring good shampoo for brown hair the two darlings parenting beauty blogger irelandLastly this Sleek highlighter/illuminator is one of the best liquid ones out there. I mix it with my foundation on good skin days when I don’t need a lot of coverage and on excellent skin days I’d just use this and concealer where required (it’s always required!). Apply it to the tops of the cheekbones in a bid to add a little highlight to your face after applkying foundation and before any powders. A great all rounder and a great price especially given the size of the bottle. There are a few different shades, this one is a little pinky and I have a whiter one too, both look good on.beauty bargains spring good shampoo for brown hair the two darlings parenting beauty blogger ireland

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