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I wanted to highlight my latest column from the Irish Times as I don’t usually share the full post here but I want to spread the word on this one. For the past 6 months I’ve been writing the Tips and Tricks column weekly bringing people the best in what the beauty industry had to offer along with tips and tricks on everything from winged eye liner (which FYI I’m still perfecting!) to combating dry hands. I wanted to use the platform I had to support Irish beauty brands and businesses, having met so many over the past year of blogging I’ve been so blown away by the work they do and the incredible products they produce it came to me like a no brainer. 

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The new year heralds a new take on this column. The focus will still be on beauty tips and tricks, but the column will celebrate, support and promote Irish-based brands and products more frequently. The past number of years have seen an unprecedented emergence of Irish beauty entrepreneurs; those based in places where the natural landscape inspires them to create and those that turn circumstance into opportunity. From Malin to Mizen, there are women and men working tirelessly to create great brands and products. By supporting these homegrown entrepreneurs, we can inspire the next generation of young people to envisage careers outside the traditional roles.

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The beauty industry supports many people throughout the country in marketing, distribution and sales. And the individuals behind indigenous brands often find themselves wearing all of these hats.

The aim of these column inches will be to highlight the people behind brands and to increase awareness of their products. Irish people are creating waves across the world: for example, the Burj al Arab, the world’s only seven-star hotel, stocks Sligo brand Voya’s products; and Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian clan is a big fan of Marissa Carter Cocoa Brown Tan.

  • If you are an Irish-based business and would like to get involved, contact

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