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I would estimate that, despite having a wardrobe bursting with pretty dresses, the reality is that I spend 95% of my days in jeans. And in doing so I would consider myself to be fussy when it comes to finding the perfect pair. There are a few keys things I require when I look for jeans, the main thing is, possibly somewhat obviously, comfort. I spend my days walking to and from school and preschool, I am up and down off the ground constantly, and I spend the vast majority of my day bent over picking things (toys, babies, puzzle pieces, food, discarded sippy cups, paper, twistables, dolls, dolls shoes, you get my drift!).

ff-jeggings-full-lengthSo for me comfort is key, I want them to be stretchy enough that they don’t cut off blood supply to the bottom half of my leg because they are tight around the knees, but I want them to be firm enough to keep my ‘mummy tummy’ somewhat under control. I want them to be high waisted so that I’m not exposing my behind whenever I sit down. And, something that always surprises people when they meet me in real life, I am tall, I’m 5 foot 11 so they either have to be long enough on the leg or else tight at the ankle to that I don’t flap in the wind.

So yes, like I said, I’m fussy!ff-clothingThis next paragraph will seem like a total digression but bear with me, it will all come together in the end I promise, but in a former life I worked as a Sustainable Researcher in Teagasc. My days revolved around ensuring that water and wastewater was reused sustainably and beneficially on dairy farms and pig farms. And although it may appear like that has little to do with denim jeans and children in fact there is a link. My work opened me up to the world of sustainability and how we live our lives and how conscious we need to become in terms of everything we do in order to make sure we leave our planet in a safe and productive way for our children and future generations. And we can all make a difference, however little it may be, turning off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth or making an effort to buy vegetables without plastic or being conscious of where our clothes come from and how they are produced.jacket-ffF&F’s denim collection has been in development to become more sustainable since 2015, which means that they have reduced the amount of water used to produce their denim by 56%, they have lowered the amount of energy consumed in the production process by 43% and have gone about improving the health and welfare of the people who create the denim. It’s so important we all think a little bit more about where our clothes come from, this has to be beginning of a new way of thinking about fashion.f&f jeggings sustainable denim And all that aside, I really do think these jeggings are brilliant, perfect for a Mum who wants to look good, feel comfortable and consider the world we are creating for our children.ff-denimThis is a sponsored post – that means I get paid to talk about the denim collection by F&F, I am not instructed as to what I should or shouldn’t say so all opinions, as per usual, are my very own!

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  1. great post! Can we have a link to their website? (Please delete my comment if there’s one I have missed or once you have put one)

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