Spring beauty favourites

You all know I love a bargain, lets face it who doesn’t. When it comes to makeup and skincare and beauty in general I tend to focus my money on getting the basics of skincare right and then I like to let my makeup be a little fun. That said I’m fairly conservative but I do love to throw on a little lipstick in the mornings to draw the attention away from my tired eyes. Continue reading

Skin tightening treatments – choosing the one for you

Sagging skin can be a real nightmare, but it’s not one that you have to continue dealing with. There are plenty of ways to correct sags and wrinkles at your local spa or skincare clinic. However, you can’t just use any random one of those treatment methods. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a method of skin tightening. Continue reading

The importance of SPF in moisturiser

Up until recently I pretty much diagnosed my own skin type – and for the most part I was right, an oily t-zone that is really prone to hormonal and wine related breakouts. But there’s one thing diagnosing what you can see but it’s what lies below the surface that is truly interesting. I went for a fabulous treatment in The Heritage Killinard Spa recently and before we began the facial I had a skin analysis. This involves a UV lamp being placed near your face to expose area’s Continue reading

The Heritage Killenard Spa & Afternoon Tea

You know sometimes, albeit rarely, an email pops in that literally makes you want to pinch yourself?! Well that’s what happened when the nicest email landed into my inbox from Eva, the Spa Manager at The Heritage Killenard. One of those emails that thankfully gives you heaps of time to sort out care for the two ladies so that you can tear off with a happy head up the motorway for an afternoon of pure indulgence. Continue reading

What do you know about Sulphates?

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My article in The Irish Times this week features a brilliant Irish company called Elave. I thought I would add a follow up post to my article because there is literally only so much I can fit into 250 words and some topics warrant more details.

You know those conversations that spark a Eureka moment? Well I had one of those moments while chatting with Joanna Gardner, MD of Elave. She was firstly, extremely generous with her time in talking to me and secondly, very informative. Elave is a really interesting company that does a huge amount of research into making their products really effective yet extremely kind and gentle on skin. Continue reading

Wet n Wild Valentines Collection

I’ll be honest, when I first spied Wet n Wild, although I heard lots of really good reviews regarding the quality of the products, I just thought it was a brand that was too young for me. I don’t know if that makes sense but then I thought the same about essence as they had had some collections that just weren’t my style but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by both brands. PLUS the price, I mean, it just makes experimenting with colours so much more accessible. The Valentines Day collections are dropping for lots of brands at the moment so here’s a heads up on what Wet n Wild have to offer. I have never tried anything from this brand so I was eager to put these bits to the test. Continue reading

Fuschia Makeup Face Kit

Fuschia face kit contouring palette ireland the two darlings beauty blogger parenting blog

Anyone that reads this space on the internet will realise that I’m a woman who likes a beauty product that earns its keep on my dresser. If it has multiple uses then it’s my friend. I don’t have time to be pulling out a pile of different pots and bottles in the mornings to pull together some sort of presentable face. When this highlight and contour palette from Fuschia Makeup landed in the door last week I literally gasped. I’ve mentioned Fuschia a couple of times before and I’m always impressed by the shades and tones used in products like the nude lipsticks and the foundation, they suit pale skintones really nicely. This facekit is a gem of a product. Continue reading

Beauty Blender – game changing makeup application

beauty blender ireland review the two darlings parenting beauty blogger

I got this Beauty Blender after MUCH deliberation. Like many people I had decided I would try out the trend of sponge makeup application by using a cheaper alternative, namely the Real Techniques sponge. To cut a long story short I found it soaked up half the makeup I was putting on my face and basically the girls commandered it and used it as an indoor football. So I was hesitant to further invest in a sponge as I was so put off by. Anyway, it became hard to ignore the numerous good reports on the beauty blender so before Christmas I bought the original beauty blender on beautybay.com. It’s not cheap for a sponge, €22 went on my credit card so I had high expectations… Continue reading

Pamper yourself

pamper yourself pamper me me time for mums at home pampering the two darlings parenting beauty blogger ireland

One of my favourite things to do at home is to steal away for a half hour, treat myself to a little indulgence and pamper myself. The bulk of this is basically spent by passing about 20 minutes in a roasting hot shower just enjoying the peace and quiet. But I also like to be productive so I try to do a hair mask once a week. I’m still struggling to get my hair and head back to normal after using the Aussie range of shampoos for far too long, they totally and utterly dried out both my hair and scalp. I’m using the Mane N Tail Deep Moisturising shampoo and conditioner now and have definitely seen a huge improvement.  Continue reading

Supporting Irish beauty brands

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I wanted to highlight my latest column from the Irish Times as I don’t usually share the full post here but I want to spread the word on this one. For the past 6 months I’ve been writing the Tips and Tricks column weekly bringing people the best in what the beauty industry had to offer along with tips and tricks on everything from winged eye liner (which FYI I’m still perfecting!) to combating dry hands. I wanted to use the platform I had to support Irish beauty brands and businesses, having met so many over the past year of blogging I’ve been so blown away by the work they do and the incredible products they produce it came to me like a no brainer.  Continue reading