Are you a safe driver?

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We drive in the car a lot. We try and visit family regularly who live either 4 hours away by car alone or 7 hours in the car plus a boat journey. And we drive a lot everyday of the week to the childminders and back so I’d like to think I’m a safe driver with all the practice I have. My husband commutes to work but he does this alone. To be honest sometimes I find myself half jealous of him heading off into an hour long commute that includes traffic. Why I hear you ask?! Because he gets to have some head space and just listen to the radio. And I’m not the only parent in the world to think that this driving time is his down time, a survey by Chill Insurance recently found that 25% of parents consider driving as their quiet time. Continue reading

Luxury Irish Christmas Gifts

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I will preface this post by saying that most of these I haven’t tried (hint hint hubbie!) but you’ll agree that it’s a collection of delights sure to please. I think the thing about luxury and Christmas gifts is that it doesn’t need to be something that you need but rather you can indulge in the ridiculous and treat yourself to something you normally wouldn’t. Continue reading

Budget beauty buys under €10

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I did two of these budget beauty buys previously, one under €10 and one under €5 and it was a great success. Perhaps this could work as a ‘stocking filler’ style post also with the season that’s in it! There is literally nothing I love more than a bargain when it comes to beauty especially when there are so many fantastic brands and products out there that don’t cost the world. So without further ado, here’s the list.

Cocoa Brown Instant Tan (€6.99) – First up is a product that the world and it’s mother has been talking/blogging/tweeting/hashtagging the life out of it BUT there is a reason they are! These are the latest release from the powerhouse that is Marissa Carter Continue reading

Christmas gifts under €20

christmas gifts under €20 irish christmas gifts christmas gift ideas for teachers christmas gift ideas for kris krindle

I find it SO hard to find decent gifts for the smaller budgets, but fear not, I have pulled together some crackers for you all! These gifts are perfect for Kris Kindle or small Christmas gifts between families, teachers, extended families and friends.

My Shining Armour Karma Necklace (€20) – I received this necklace in a goodie bag at a Blogger Conference in Cork and briefly met the lady behind the brand at a party in Dublin. I love this necklace it’s so simple and so elegant and the length is perfect for wearing with v-neck tshirts. There are so many lovely Christmas gift ideas on the website and free delivery worldwide, handy.
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Skincare Routine

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I’ve come to realise that the fundamentals of engineering can be applied to the basics of your beauty routine. Like paint on a well plastered wall, foundation only looks good if your skin is glowing. My skin hasn’t been having the best of times lately so I’m really focusing on a skincare routine that suits my skin. This is sort of like an introductory post as some of the items I’m currently using are rather new to the regime. As you will see though there are a LOT of products in this routine so I thought it best to do an overview before delving into the particulars at a later date. Continue reading

Beauty tips: Add cream eyeshadow to your arsenal

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This weeks Tips and Tricks is all about cream eyeshadow. These are just fabulous for their lasting power and the strength of the colour. Dare I say the perfect shadow for the season ahead when drinks after work will become increasingly commonplace. These eyeshaows will last the day and night. To read the full article over at The Irish Times click the picture below.  Continue reading

Beauty Tips: The product for curly hair

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It is not often that a hair-styling product comes into my possession and leaves me gasping at its sheer brilliance. Usually the claims made by hair products, suggesting it will “de-frizz this” or “volumise that” leave me feeling flat, both metaphorically and physically. To read the full article at The Irish Times click here.  Continue reading

How to clean your makeup brushes

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Sunday night is a great night to get into a routine of washing your makeup brushes, sure what else would you be doing on a Sunday night?! Anyway, if like me it’s usually thoughts of work that dominate Sunday nights and not thoughts on how to get the bartenders attention then listen up, here’s a quick way to get your makeup brushes shiny and clean. It’s an important thing to do, keeping your brushes clean, especially if you use them most days, keeps the spread of infection from spots etc to a minimum. Plus they pick up product much better than brushes laden down with weeks of foundation or powders, yuck!


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