Slimming World Ireland

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I didn’t think I’d be writing this post but then in the back of mind I probably did! After having the first lady I was so fit and healthy, running and eating well so by the time I found myself expecting the second lady I was slipping into a size 10 skinny jeans and toned throughout. After the second lady I ran like mad and used My Fitness Pal to lose weight, which I did, getting back to pre-pregnancy weight by Continue reading

Accepting your body after a baby

accepting your body after a baby body post pregnancy the two darlings mummy blogger ireland

Maybe I’m having just one of those days but earlier I stumbled upon an aggravating article on the Daily Mail showing Abbey Clancy in an ad campaign that was launched recently just weeks after she had her second baby.. I’ve scrambled together some of my thoughts on the difficulty of accepting your body after having a baby – it brings about changes that you can and can’t control, changes that you can and sometimes can’t accept. Continue reading