Rainy day toddler activities

I know it’s May and I’m mentioning the words ‘rainy day’ in a blog post but it’s cold and windy down South so I thought these suggestions might be useful. I’ve put together a list of activities that are suitable for keeping a toddler (say from about 2-4 years old anyway) occupied and entertained on days/mornings/afternoons when the sun ain’t shining and the wind is howling. The ones I’ve suggested are the ones that I’ve found keep my lady entertained for the longest amount of time and also which require only a little supervision (as in you can be making lunch or sorting a wash or, dare I say, having a hot cup of coffee!) while they are working away by themselves. I’m all for independent play and for the control freak in me these aren’t overly messy activities (for the most part!). Continue reading

How to clean your makeup brushes

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Sunday night is a great night to get into a routine of washing your makeup brushes, sure what else would you be doing on a Sunday night?! Anyway, if like me it’s usually thoughts of work that dominate Sunday nights and not thoughts on how to get the bartenders attention then listen up, here’s a quick way to get your makeup brushes shiny and clean. It’s an important thing to do, keeping your brushes clean, especially if you use them most days, keeps the spread of infection from spots etc to a minimum. Plus they pick up product much better than brushes laden down with weeks of foundation or powders, yuck!


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How to – taggy blanket

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A short and simple tutorial on this Taggy Blanket which is an easy sewing project has been requested by some friends eager to get started with their sewing machines. So I’ve pulled together a tutorial on making a taggy blanket (sometimes refereed to as a sensory blanket too). This is honestly so simple, it requires no elaborate stitches but provides the opportunity for practicing some basic techniques that you can apply to lots of projects. This post is picture heavy. If at any point I’m not clear let me know! These are quick to make and make a really nice gift for new born babies. The different textures keep little hands entertained and occupied. Continue reading