Ethaca promoting diversity

I find it funny sometimes to hear myself trying to explain things about life when I was small to my four (very nearly five!) year old. Telling her that there was no such things as phones that you can touch, that phones were stuck in the wall ‘back then’. She looks at me like I have ten heads and it makes me think about how drastically different the world is now in some ways. Stories my own parents used to tell me about life when they were young always fascinated me because it sounded like they were from a different era and now the time has come for me to hopefully fascinate my child while regaling her with tales of life really not that long ago.  Continue reading

Bloggers guide to working with brands

I attended a Blogging Event at the weekend and one of the topics was about bloggers working with brands or PR companies and with brands. I thought it was a really good topic to touch on and felt, even though my experience is relatively limited to date, I might have something to add. The first thing I would have to point out when it comes to this step as a blogger is that patience is paramount. Continue reading

The dawn of the era of big school

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Parenting is a funny thing, even though those first few months and years are precious I found myself half willing them away until the girls were old enough to sleep through the night and give me some well earned zed’s. And then they reach that stage and with it comes an independence that can sometimes take you back. They want to go off to friends houses alone, they want to hide away in their bedrooms and play and they talk of going to school…. Continue reading

Tips for new bloggers

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This post on tips for bloggers is specifically related to blogging so apologies to those who have zero interest. I get a lot of questions from bloggers new and old on various areas from social media management to website design. I’ve also worked on a number of websites, from helping them set up their blog initially to streamlining and redesigning existing blogs and business websites. So if it is something you want a bit more advice or help on drop me an email. I have shared some of my tips here previously and will continue to do that as I got lots of advice from seasoned bloggers when I started and (not that I’m seasoned by any stretch of the imagination) I have put a lot of effort into the technical aspects of blogging and social media. So here are some tips I either found useful when they were given to me or tips that I figured out along the way. Continue reading

Bookawoo children’s book subscription service

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I’ve posted previously about subscription services, these are increasingly popular and what I love most is the breath of topics covered by these services from periods to beauty to doggie treats there is something for everyone. It’s no secret we love books, I’ve posted about the different books we love lots of times before Continue reading

10 Instagram Tips and Tricks

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I am no expert on Instagram, I find it like a steady burn, I’m never going to be one of those Instagrammers that has 60k followers in a couple of hundred pictures. That said, there is space for everyone there and even though I may have only just over 5k followers it’s increasing daily. So here are some Instagram tips and tricks that I’ve employed that appear to be working, slowly but surely! 

  • Be really REALLY picky about the pictures you put up. I don’t put anything up unless it’s been taken with a proper camera and it has to be extremely clear. I edit the pictures, Continue reading

Useful WordPress plugins for bloggers

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I only moved my site to self hosted back in October so I’m a relative newbie to the world of plugins but I have to say they are so handy in terms of automating things and general time saving tips and tricks. Here are some of my favourites plugins to date that I think any blogger, novice of experienced will find useful. 

Calendar – if I ever become super organised and have posts written ages in advance I know this will be extremely handy. It makes it really easy to populate a calendar so you can see what is scheduled when. Continue reading

Making life easier by doing it online?

contraception online lloyds online prescriptions buy contraceptive pills online

This is something a little different from my usual blog post but I’m a research scientist so my days are usually filled with data and surveys so here’s a bit of the day coming into the night. This survey was sent to me recently and I thought the details  on peoples attitude to getting contraception online were interesting. I suppose having had two babies now I feel like I have no inhibitions when it comes to going to the doctor about contraception. That said, I do remember back to the days when these sort of doctors appointments would have been somewhat awkward so I guess the results of a recent survey by Lloyds that found that 68% of Irish people under 24 years old would prefer to receive contraception advice online probably didn’t surprise me. In fact, a quarter of all age groups surveyed said they would prefer to receive contraceptive advice online.  Continue reading

DIY Gold Dot Canvas Art

I had these materials lying around for ages begging me to do something with them but our walls are so jammed with pictures at the moment I was lazy about it. I spotted some nice DIY canvas print ideas on good old Pinterest so one sunday recently I was feeling inspired!

First off your materials – there are three main elements, a canvas in whatever size you want, spray paint, again in whatever colour your want and acrylic effect paste. I got this stuff in Lidl ages ago, to be honest I thought it was paint but its got more texture than that. Paint would work the same though really. The pigment in this paste is pretty strong. Continue reading

Books for babies 6-18 months old

books for babies books for toddlers books for 18 month olds books for toddlers under 2

Books, books, books, I know I bang on about it plenty on this blog but genuinely I just adore books and by extension so do the girls. There is SUCH a selection of books for children out there it’s incredible and fantastic. In fact there are so many books out there it can be pure daunting. I’ve pulled together some of our favourites, some that the big lady loved and now the small lady also loves. This post is specifically a list of books suitable for children less than 18 months up to two years old, a mixture of books with flaps for discovering and short stories for soothing. Continue reading