Wedding Guest Dresses

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God I love weddings. Honestly, not only are they a lovely time to celebrate such a happy time in any couples life it’s also a great excuse not just to catch up with friends but also to get dressed up. In my life BC (Before Child!) I could simply go out shopping for wedding guest dresses and not really have to think too hard about the idea. In my life AC (that one’s obvious right!?) shopping for clothes in general is a little more challenging. Continue reading

DIY Wedding Guestbook Alternative

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I know my wedding was aaaages ago now but I thought this was a nice DIY that I could share with everyone. Instead of opting for a traditional guest book I wanted something that wouldn’t get shoved onto a shelf and rarely looked at. It didn’t take long to see this idea on Pinterest – usually it was done so that guests would print their own finger print on a tree or the back of the bike. However, I’m a control freak so visions of a lopsided arrangement of balloons on the back of the bike didn’t sit well with me! Plus I’m no detective so deciphering finger prints isn’t my forte and I wanted to be able to look at the tree and see instantly who had been there on our big day. Continue reading