Nighttime skincare routine using products from The Ordinary

Over the years I’ve come to realise that good skincare is so important – I have always suffered with my skin, during my teens and really to this day I suffer with spots. It’s drastically improved over the years I think really as I have become more knowledgeable about what I need to do in order to care for it as best I can. I really believe in taking the time every night to take care of my skin, there are a lot of steps in my skincare routine but, almost like a baby, I do it as part of my bedtime routine and it’s a lovely way to switch off after the day and enjoy a bit of self care. I get asked a lot about what I use and also about The Ordinary products that I use so I’ll throw it all into a blog post so it’s there for posterity.  Continue reading

MEGA essence giveaway

I’m going to keep this post short a sweet because my new Tom Bow brush pens arrived and I’m obsessed! See I even had to create the Facebook message for this post myself. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love essence as a brand. The quality it brilliant and obviously the price is even better. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you’ll often see me chatting about this brand. Continue reading

5 beauty buys under €5

We all love a bargain! Sometimes I find with expensive beauty buys I find I expect so much more out of them and am often left disappointed – case in point, I recently shelled out over €40 for the much revered Laura Mercier Translucent Powder and to be honest, if I’ve used it ten times that’s all, I nearly always reach for my good old Rimmel pressed powder. Same with nail polish, I always reach for essence over OPI although I do opt for an Essie top coat which works a dream.  Continue reading

The key to long-lasting foundation

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Primers are a really excellent and quick step to add into your makeup routine that really increases the longevity of your foundation. I know you’re probably saying ‘not another step!’ but if youre going to go to the effort of actually putting on foundation in the morning why not make sure it lasts until nighttime. I sit a desk most days and find that I have a habit of touching my face, especially my chin throughout the day. I have an oily t-zone and no matter how long-lasting the foundation claims to be I find my makeup a little patchy come evening time. The degree of patchiness is far, far less when I (remember to!) use a primer. Continue reading