What do you know about Sulphates?

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My article in The Irish Times this week features a brilliant Irish company called Elave. I thought I would add a follow up post to my article because there is literally only so much I can fit into 250 words and some topics warrant more details.

You know those conversations that spark a Eureka moment? Well I had one of those moments while chatting with Joanna Gardner, MD of Elave. She was firstly, extremely generous with her time in talking to me and secondly, very informative. Elave is a really interesting company that does a huge amount of research into making their products really effective yet extremely kind and gentle on skin. Continue reading

Supporting Irish beauty brands

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I wanted to highlight my latest column from the Irish Times as I don’t usually share the full post here but I want to spread the word on this one. For the past 6 months I’ve been writing the Tips and Tricks column weekly bringing people the best in what the beauty industry had to offer along with tips and tricks on everything from winged eye liner (which FYI I’m still perfecting!) to combating dry hands. I wanted to use the platform I had to support Irish beauty brands and businesses, having met so many over the past year of blogging I’ve been so blown away by the work they do and the incredible products they produce it came to me like a no brainer.  Continue reading

Beauty tips: Add cream eyeshadow to your arsenal

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This weeks Tips and Tricks is all about cream eyeshadow. These are just fabulous for their lasting power and the strength of the colour. Dare I say the perfect shadow for the season ahead when drinks after work will become increasingly commonplace. These eyeshaows will last the day and night. To read the full article over at The Irish Times click the picture below.  Continue reading

Beauty Tips: The product for curly hair

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It is not often that a hair-styling product comes into my possession and leaves me gasping at its sheer brilliance. Usually the claims made by hair products, suggesting it will “de-frizz this” or “volumise that” leave me feeling flat, both metaphorically and physically. To read the full article at The Irish Times click here.  Continue reading