Useful resources online to keep children entertained

I think for many people we look at our printers and see them as a piece of equipment now preoccupied with tasks associated with home schooling and working from home. Even though the girls have their books home from school there is still a lot of extra resources and work that has to be printed out each week – between their list of homework to be done, worksheets to go with this book or that subject it’s a lot. On top of that I have a preschooler who is heading to school this September so she is eager to sit down with her big sisters and feel part of the world of learning and that’s brilliant. Continue reading

Toddler appropriate household chores

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I have the luxury of being off today with the two ladies and, it being a Friday, there are inevitably jobs to do around the house. Now that our toddler is three I think it’s becoming increasingly more important that she starts to learn the value of being helpful. I think that asking a toddler to help encourages kindness, empathy and helpfulness (obviously). It gives parents a good opportunity to give a child some really positive feedback for doing a good job. So I’ve been gathering my thoughts throughout the day as to what are some age appropriate jobs for a three year old.

As you can see from the picture above I got her to hoover her room today. Well actually she asked, like she often does when I hoover, but this time she actually took it upon herself to do it properly, she even hovered in under the bed and the cot in her room. So going forward this is going to be her little job. I also ask her to tidy her room, which simply means picking up books and teddies from the floor.
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Useful tips for buying children’s clothes

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Our small lady absolutely hates getting dressed, so I try and move as deftly as I can. My speed and agility is, however, sometimes thwarted by irritating baby clothes. So I thought I’d put together a post that might be useful for new Mums, Mums-to-be or those who want to buy clothes for friends with babies or kids – here are some simple things to bear in mind to make life easier  for Mammy’s the world over. Continue reading

The real truth about living with a toddler

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Living with a toddler results in tricky navigation through even the most mundane tasks. On one hand you want to encourage independent thinking but on the other hand, well, you need to leave the house somewhat on time and looking like respectable humans.  My toddler, or threenager, honestly makes me laugh a lot, sometimes because it’s better than crying when she has spilled your copious collection of nail varnishes ALL over the bedroom, and sometimes because what goes through her random little mind is quite frankly hilarious! So here is a run down of how to survive life with a threeanger, although these tips will probably be redundant come this evening as life moves at a pretty fast pace in a generally unknown direction when you live with a toddler!

Rules – they exist, you don’t know them but you WILL break them. And don’t think just because you figured out the first time why you broke them that by adhering to said criteria a second time will render you in the clear. It won’t. Continue reading