Cows Milk Protein Allergy – our experience

I’ll kick off this blog post by saying that this is going to be purely about our experience with Lucy and her allergy to cows milk protein. I’m not a dietitian, we haven’t even been to one yet with her so I’m mainly going to talk about how we came about figuring out Lucy’s problem and what we are doing based purely on advice I have picked up Continue reading

The wonderful world of weaning

Three kids in it’s fair to say I have a good bit of experience with the world of weaning. I remember back on my first lady the whole idea of weaning being so daunting, it felt like the first time as a mother I was left to my own devices, the advice of the midwives or public health nurse was long gone and I felt there was so much out there saying ‘oh if you give too much sweet food they’ll be fat’ and I was petrified of giving the wrong food. Continue reading

All hail the slow cooker!

If there is one item in the kitchen that makes life so much easier it is my slow cooker. It stood in my cupboard, grossly under used for years until lady number three arrived as did I to my senses. I have a lot hate relationship with cooking, I like it and I hate it in equal measures. I try so hard with my efforts often falling short of the cullinary delight I expect after all the effort I put in. The slow cooker is perfect not just for time pressed parents but for me it is great because it takes my average cooking to a whole new level, meals are so much tastier when they’ve been stewing away slowly for hours.  Continue reading

Quinoa for babies

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I was sent a lovely box of quinoa products for babies and children from Quniola Mothergrain  recently and put them through their paces over the past few weeks. By way of introduction lets clear one thing up – Quinoa is not actually pronounced quinn-o-a but keen-wah. Quinoa  is plant-based  vegetable protein that is full of vitamins as well as being gluten and cholesterol free. The company  imports fair-trade quinoa from Peru in conjunction with the Cabaña Farming Co-operative. The products are packaged near Calais in partnership with a French reintegration organisation that employs people with learning difficulties to package the products – all using recycled cardboard. Continue reading