The Heritage Killenard Spa & Afternoon Tea

You know sometimes, albeit rarely, an email pops in that literally makes you want to pinch yourself?! Well that’s what happened when the nicest email landed into my inbox from Eva, the Spa Manager at The Heritage Killenard. One of those emails that thankfully gives you heaps of time to sort out care for the two ladies so that you can tear off with a happy head up the motorway for an afternoon of pure indulgence.

Off I went Friday a couple of weeks ago which turned out to be one of those really wet mornings for driving so when I landed in the beautiful surrounds of The Heritage I was ready to relax. A quick tour around some of the 27,000 square feet that comprises the Spa alone and I knew I was home! I should have actually left myself more time before my treatments to avail of all the offerings in the Thermal Area – there are several different heated rooms and an outdoor pool along with beautiful foot baths with tonnes of magazines which was lovely because I can barely remember the last time I picked up a magazine. Raul is on hand there to guide you around, make sure you have water or help if you have any questions, he is so polite and the kind of touch you just don’t see in most thermal suites. The pictures of the Spa below are (obviously!) not mine, there were other people in the spa and my camera would have gotten damp! 

the heritage killenard spa hydro pool the heritage killenard afternoon tea the two darlings spa ireland Onto the treatment then – I opted for an Elemis Back, Neck and Head treatment. The treatment starts with the oils and you’re given different oils to smell and according to what you lean towards gives you the massage and the facial you need.

I had a skin analysis to start which was actually so interesting in itself I’ve written a separate post on that which will follow in a few days. The treatment itself was so, so relaxing, the right amount of pressure for the massage, the scalp treatment literally sent me to sleep and the facial was so refreshing and relaxing, argh, I’m nearly relaxed just rethinking the whole experience. One of the somewhat random highlights was the back scrub which had a some sort of menthol or peppermint in it which was both an invigorating and tingly experience in itself.

the heritage killenard spa hydro pool the heritage killenard afternoon tea the two darlings spa ireland

After your treatment you can relax in the relaxation area with fresh fruit and herbal tea, yum.

Aside from just going there yourself to relax this is the sort of place that is just perfect for a girls weekend away. They can take up to 15 people for treatments at the same times so there’s no waiting for an hour while your friend has a treatment which is something I always find somewhat defeats the purpose of a Spa break with friends if you have to wait half the day for each other to be finished. There is SO much space that you’re not going to be on top of each other either, the changing rooms are massive (check out that deep pile carpet!) and come well equipped with shampoo, hair dryers etc.Deep relaxation room the heritage killenard PLUS you can head in for Afternoon Tea in the main hotel after your treatments. First things first the hotel itself has undergone quite an overhaul over the past 12 months after it’s two new owners took it over, we met Robert Wright during Afternoon Tea and he was incredibly pleasant. The hotel itself is a relatively new build so it doesn’t exude the character of an old castle or a country house but that’s not a bad thing. The staircases in the lobby are loosely modelled on those in the Titanic, the interiors are clean and luxurious, the attention to detail is second to none – keep an eye out for the beautiful artwork which is a special area of interest of other owner Adrian Carmack (who himself is interesting in that he was a multi-millionaire by the time he was 19 years old when he and some friends developed the first ever ‘pointer shooter’ computer game Doom).the heritage killenard spa hydro pool the heritage killenard afternoon tea the two darlings spa irelandAnyway, I digress. Afternoon Tea is massive and delicious and the service is so fantastic – all local people there because they are interested in a career in hospitality rather than leaving certs there on a part-time job. There are open salmon sandwiches and rarebits, my favourite was the ham hock sandwich (sounds odd, trust me it’s good!). Then there are scones and macaroons. Then there are deserts, four each, sure I was fit to be rolled out to the car and at that I went away with several treats because I just couldn’t fit it all. You can ask for more of anything, something that is relatively unusual at Afternoon Tea but something they are eager for people to avail of!

All in all, honestly a really lovely place, I enjoyed is so much myself and my sisters and Mum are heading there in July for a break together . The location is handy for everyone, the hotel isn’t far off the M6/7/8 near the Junction 14 services.

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  1. Ooh it almost sounds worth getting a plane over for! What a wonderful experience. I’d love a spa day – the two I’ve been on have been half days, no treatment and with the other half. Not that he’s a rubbish spa companion, but oh to go with the girls! I need to book somewhere after reading this. That massage sounds amazing!

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