The key to long-lasting foundation

Primers are a really excellent and quick step to add into your makeup routine that really increases the longevity of your foundation. I know you’re probably saying ‘not another step!’ but if youre going to go to the effort of actually putting on foundation in the morning why not make sure it lasts until nighttime. I sit a desk most days and find that I have a habit of touching my face, especially my chin throughout the day. I have an oily t-zone and no matter how long-lasting the foundation claims to be I find my makeup a little patchy come evening time. The degree of patchiness is far, far less when I (remember to!) use a primer.

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Here are my go to primers, Smashbox Photofinish, Catrice Prime and Fine and Benefit’s Porefessional. They all leave your skin feeling oddly smooth (thats the presence of silicone) but I quite like the sensation. Each product looks different in the pot/tube but once rubbed in they all sit as clear on the skin. I love all three but I do find myself leaning towards using the Cartice offering more often than not. In my (humble – I’m not expert!) opinion I find they all work much the same and perhaps my affinity for the Catrice primer is because it is significantly cheaper than the other two so I don’t care so much about having to replace it. And on that, even though the pot looks small it last ages! The Catrice Prime and Fine primer retails for about €5.49 on stands in Pharmacies, the Smashbox Photo Finish €32.00 in Boots (for a larger tube than I have shown here) and the Benefit Porefessional costs €34.00 in Boots

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  2. My favourite primer is definitely Instablur by the Body Shop, but Porefessional is also really good! You’re definitely right though, it does make such a difference to the lasting power of your make up xoxo

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