The return to work and the exit

This day one year ago I returned to work after maternity leave and thus ended what had been the most enjoyable 6 months of my life to date. I went back fulltime, Monday to Friday, all day long.  Gone were the easy days where the two ladies and I moved to the beat of our own drums.

Instead there were days dogged by rushing, hurrying, occasional shouting, sweating and worry. Hurrying two small children to shovel their breakfast into their little tummies, urging them to quickly choose what to wear, hurriedly washing teeth and wiping faces, running to find missing shoes, pulling on jackets then a calmness for 10 minutes where we could sing and chatter during the morning commute. Then barely time for a goodbye kiss.


As soon as the clock hits 5 I’m rushing to collect them as soon as I can to make the best of every single minute. Hurry to get the dinner on so their little bellies aren’t empty. Try and squeeze in some playing, chatting and fun. Eat then it’s bath time, book time, bedtime and before I know it, silence.

And there are other aspects to working that make me wistful, when you can’t reciprocate the playdate your daughter so desperately would love because you simply don’t have time. The housework still needs to be done so weekends are eaten into by mundane tasks.

And so in 6 weeks I will happily bow out from work, my contract with work ends and I won’t be looking for anything else. Instead I am relishing the opportunity to spend some time getting to know my ladies. Building lego houses, painting, baking, laughing, dancing. Teaching them songs, colours, numbers and words. I’ll be reading books about Gruffalo’s not analyzing scientific journal articles. I will be pointing out moo moo’s and no longer calculating the sustainability of dairy systems.

A new three letters will define me, Mum not PhD.

And I cannot wait.

becoming a stay at home mum working fulltime with two kids


32 thoughts on “The return to work and the exit

  1. Congrats Eimear, this is so exciting. Such a big decision to make but you just know when it’s right don’t you. I’ve tried working full time too with the two kids and I found it so hard, as you still have a full time job when you get home everyday too. Now I work from home on my own schedule and it’s the best thing I ever did. Perfect timing too with Christmas x

    1. That’s the dream really isn’t Ali, to work from home, I’d love to figure something like that out to keep me ticking over! Perfect timing is right!!

  2. Look forward to hearing about the move and I hope that everything goes ok for you. Making a transition from work to being a stay at home mum will allow you to spend more time with your daughters and what many do not realize is that being a mother is not an easy job but it is satisfying x

  3. Wow, a big change – enjoy! I do feel very lucky working for myself that I can be more flexible than any office job – even if it means some (lots) of late nights at the computer, we have some time for fun together before she’s off to school.

  4. I made pretty much the same decision 18 months ago and my children are much older. However it has been the best decision and I relish it all now.

  5. How exiting for you. I couldn’t imagine what it is like working full time with little kids, I feel so lucky that I can run my business from home and spend time with my boys.

  6. I was recently made redundant without notice so have been thrown into the role of stay at home mum unexpectedly. I worked 3 days a week, but still missed spending time at home with my son. It’s now been almost a month since I left work and I’m absolutely loving being at home. Ok, so financially we are screwed because my husband was also made redundant at the end of last year, but hey you know what, we are so much happier in our new roles and will get through the tough times. Enjoy your time with your girls 🙂 xxx

    1. Alex I was watching your journey recently alright re redundancy but you seem to be thriving in your new role so it’s brilliant. I have no doubt your wonderful clothing line will really take off, its so quirky and cute its fabulous!

  7. What a lovely post. I know what you mean about being a working mum, it feels like having two full time jobs! Time with our little ones is precious. Enjoy : )

  8. Wow such a big decision.xx I had to give up work after my second child was born with Special Needs, it was such a change to be at home constantly away from the Law office but now looking back I am so glad I did as he has thrived and I have been able to see my little people grow upx I look forward to reading how you get on your new journey .x

    1. Thanks Amanda and great to hear your little one is thriving, can’t beat the love and attention of a mother to help a child no matter what the circumstances!

  9. Best of luck, sounds like you’ll love it. I’m facing the same decision shortly, baby no. 3 on the way and there’s no way I’ll be able to afford childcare for the three of them, that combined with the stressful commute that has become almost impossible so I’m planning on going back after maternity leave for a very short while and then becoming a full time mum.

    1. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be with three smallies and a commute, it’s not easy being a Mammy is it, we’re always being pulled in one direction or the other, hopefully you’ll get to become Mum, such a pleasure!

  10. Good on you! I was lucky to be home for the first 4 years with my kids and with just having started two businesses my life is just as busy and full of madness as yours. I often wonder if it’s all worth it – rushing and feeling stressed and not having time for the kids at all anymore. I am hoping it’s just temporary for us and that I can go back to be more of a mum and less of a business woman. I know you’ll enjoy it x


    1. Still its great to do it while you can and then I’d love to run my own business so perhaps the quiet won’t reign in our house for long!!

  11. Well done you on making such a big decision. I’m on complete opposite spectrum. Today is my 1yr anniversary since I lasted worked in office environment & as my little one will turn 1 soon, I’m really keen to begin using my brain again. But it’s not easy to find that job that fits in with my desire to use my brain while also allowing me flexibility to spend quality time with Mini Me. Not easy at all. x

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