The start of a new chapter

Everyone was writing posts last week acknowledging the New Year or reflecting on the last and it’s not really until today that I feel ready to write something reflecting on a new chapter. For today, unlike the millions of others around the country and the world, I did not go back to work. I have literally been giddy with excitement thinking about this day, I’ve envisaged it since November 10th 2014. A somewhat random date to pick but it was the date I went back to work after maternity leave after having the second lady. essence autumn winter mascara review essence nude palette review essence makeup review the two darlings

A couple of months later, I started this website, a space to be creative, to just be myself. And we had somewhat planned that by the end of my contract I would stay at home for a while with the ladies so I suppose I was pre-emptively preparing for a time when I would be at home but would need the outlet. And I never could have imagined the world it would open up. Firstly I’ve met such wonderful people, both online and in person. A world full of people who are helpful, supportive and encouraging. I’ve started working with brands and PR agencies which has been a privilege and a honour. To work with so many other Irish brands and to be able to help promote them in even just a little way has been truly brilliant. The opportunities – from writing to The Irish Times to breaks away. 

This will be the year for the blog – last year was a practise run, a good chance for me to get a feel for it all, to test the waters and learn the skill. This year I want to increase my social media following, be more informative, maybe dabble in a few style posts now that I’ve figured out how to use my phone as the remote for my digital camera (very cool!) and hopefully straddle the world of mothering and the world of beauty and fashion. 

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I have learned so much about the Internet that I never knew before; about website design, analytics, design, social media, strategies, promotion, photography and writing. I hope to this year do some more posts on these topics based on what I’ve learned so that I can help others, my previous posts like this have been really popular and people have found them really useful. I’ve also discovered that there is more to the world of creating a blog than meets the eye, hours upon hours go into learning how to maximise your potential on each social media platform to coming up with ideas to writing and formatting posts for the website and for each platform. 

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I’ve have great plans now that it’s just my two ladies that I have to focus on. I’m looking forward to being free to get creative (and to being at home during the day to take product shots!!). I’m hoping to improve my photography and editing skills and to generally up my game when it comes to creating and producing blog posts and brining new content to you all also.

But most of all I am looking forward to being with my two ladies, to dropping the big lady to playschool, to playing jigsaws with the small lady, to walks in the forest, to making dinners, to relaxing breakfasts, to adventures and to giggles. 

For that is the thing I most grateful for. 

16 thoughts on “The start of a new chapter

  1. Hi, So happy for you. Hope all goes well for you and Good luck with your new life as a stay home mum and your website.
    Best wishes,

  2. What a lovely post! I’m in the exact same position. Left my full time job at Christmas to spend time with my two little boys and today was my first day of doing the school run! It’s a lovely feeling isn’t it? Might not be loving it so much when I am missing my pay slip on the 15th! Good luck in your new ventures!
    Clare x

    1. Thanks so much! I tried to put in the hard graft alright so that I’d be in a good position when I got here, onwards and upwards!

  3. Best of luck Eimear ….I’m sure it’s just the begining for you … I expect to see you on TV in a year or two. Enjoy the girls…they grow up way too quickly…all the best. Carina

  4. Wow, so much accomplished in one year of a dry run – impressive. Good luck with this being more of your focus. I still am trying to catch up to a fraction of what you’ve accomplished but inspired to do so. #twinkletuesdays

  5. Like you I started my blog as a creative outlet when I became SAHM and the journey was full of surprises. I met amazing people and learned so much about so many things from linky parties to affiliate links since then! I hope 2016 would be a great blogging year for you! Good luck!

  6. Fantastic that you have come so far with your blog! And more exciting times ahead, I am sure. I was also very surprised by the amount of things that are to be learnt, so much more than just writing a post and publishing it but it has definitely been made easier with a very supportive blogging community. How wonderful that you can help others too! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    1. Yes I agree it’s a really wonderful community, I think that’s probably one of the most enjoyable things about the whole experience!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Looking forward to taking part in Linys more often now and getting to know my fellow bloggers better!

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