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I laugh sometimes when I find myself applying fake tan on a Tuesday evening. Back in my former life where I was a little more footloose and fancy free I rarely bothered with tan only bothering to apply a little so that I didn’t look like a corpse on a night out. Nowadays though, with a fulltime job, two small ladies and wet evenings exercise has fallen far down my list of priorities unfortunately and I find myself leaning on beauty products to improve my overall appearance from the outside in rather than the other way round. This is only a temporary measure, I’m sure my future self will find time for working out but until then a little bit of fake tan will have to do so I’m less Costa del Cork and more Costa del Sol. I’m so grateful with the opportunities this blog has afforded me – I was sent this tan, The Tan Super Hydrating Liquid Gel Tan by the Two Jenns, owners of the Vanity Rooms in Dublin and have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since.

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The Tan was launched earlier in 2015 so is still relatively new to the market but it sure is making waves and rightly so….Mother of God this tan is divine! Honestly, I don’t say that often about something unless it ticks ALL the boxes, and this does. Easy to apply – yes; fades into oblivion gradually and subtly, yes; no streaks, yes; looks natural, yes; looks dark enough after just one application, yes! All that aside the only slightly small negative I would give it that, like almost EVERY other fake tan (despite all their claims) it does smell a bit. You can wash it off after 2-3 hours if you only want a subtle glow so you’d probably avoid the bedsheet stink in this instance. I prefer to leave it on overnight and it does give off a bit of a whiff if you stick your head under the sheets but it doesn’t leave marks on the sheets.the tan by the two jenns the two darlings mummy blogger ireland the tan review parenting blog I have been applying one coat of this per week for the past few weeks, Thursday nights because I’ve had things on the past few Friday’s I’ve wanted the colour to be at its strongest. Honestly, it gives the most natural colour I’ve experienced with ANY fake tan to date. The website states “The Tan” works with your individual skin tones to give you a glow and colour similar to how you would naturally tan in the sun. After a few days the colour is still there with no diamond patches around the inside of my elbows (that’s my litmus test of fading tans).

It’s so easy to apply – the tan itself is a dark liquid gel. I applied in small amounts and what I love about this is that it doesn’t dry too quickly so you have time to even out all the streaks before it dries in, this is the biggest plus for me as I’m not great at applying it. The picture below was mid rubbing – I did not leave those streaks there, those were for the purposes of photographic evidence! 

the tan by the two jenns the two darlings mummy blogger ireland the tan review parenting blog

Along with the likes of Marissa Carter of Cocoa Brown and Niamh Martin of Nima Brush, it’s lovely to see Irish women doing so well in business. There are so many inspirational female entrepreneurs out there now it’s great that we have so many role models in business.

If you want to get your mitts (pardon the pun) on this tan you can buy this bottle I have here on their website for €22.99 and it’s stocked in various beauty salons and pharmacies around the country although mainly in Dublin.

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  2. That’s really great it gives you a natural color. I too am rubbish at applying fake tan so being able to rub the streaks out is a huge plus! x

  3. I’ve never used fake tan, I’m really pale but I quite like it! Sometimes when I feel particularly pale and pasty I think maybe I should fake it though. My nanny swears by it and has been fake-tanning since the fifties, she still does today! She’s so glam haha!

    C x | Lux Life

    1. Agreed I hate the smell of fake tan but this one is fine, it’s not odourless obviously but if you only want a light colour you could have a quick shower before bed!

  4. I’m hearing so much about this tan recently, it seems to be getting popular! I have a box full of fake tans and I never use them, shame on me!

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