TOMS shoes – comfortable, stylish and ethical shoes

I was lucky enough to get the chance to pick a pair of shoes from and, among the many brands they have on their website, I spotted the TOMS and jumped on them immediately. I’m a Converse girl at heart but, for those of you that don’t know, there is a really ethical and moral story behind the brand TOMS, the One for One campaign. The campaign began with the company donating one pair of TOMS to a person in need in one of over 70 countries around the world including Haiti, Guatemala and Malawi. The campaign has branched out now to provide those who need it access to safe water, access to medical care to ensure good eyesight and access to skilled birth attendants to ensure safer birthing experiences.

TOMS shoes stylish comfortable shoes for mums the two darlings mummy blogger ireland TOMS shoes themselves are simple, comfortable, canvas shoes. I chose the light grey because I’m boring I wanted them to go with almost everything I wear. I bought them in the size I usually am as the canvas tends to stretch ever so slightly once you start wearing them (they are difficult to get on initially but persevere!). For me, these and most other canvas runners, are great because they can be thrown into the washing machine and give them a new lease of life (and mine need it on a regular basis with jam, coffee drops and muck getting on them frequently!).TOMS shoes stylish comfortable shoes for mums the two darlings mummy blogger ireland These shoes are really neat too so they look really smart with anything from jeans to dresses. I’ve been wearing mine with jeans I chopped the ends off, it may sound weird but there’s nothing more elegant than a little ankle on show! The weather hasn’t been good enough to wear anything shorter than ankle! has so many different brands to choose from for women, men and kids. Delivery was quick and informative.

Have you ever tried a pair of TOMS? I think I’m converted from my trusty Converse.

*I was given the choice to pick any pair of shoes from, all opinions on these shoes specifically are my own and, as always, honest!*

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  2. Want! My converse have holes and I was going to replace but they can get a bit rubby so I will investigate x

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