Useful tips for buying children’s clothes

Our small lady absolutely hates getting dressed, so I try and move as deftly as I can. My speed and agility is, however, sometimes thwarted by irritating baby clothes. So I thought I’d put together a post that might be useful for new Mums, Mums-to-be or those who want to buy clothes for friends with babies or kids – here are some simple things to bear in mind to make life easier  for Mammy’s the world over.

baby clothes tips and tricks the two darlings parenting blog ireland corkI’ll start with the basics – for my first born’s ‘welcome to the world’ outfit I decided on a really cute babygro from Next that (hilariously!?) said Save water, drink milk. Cute, yes, but mother of god what a pain in the ass to get on.

You see the poppers are only around the bum, so you have drag the babygro on over their heads and all the way down their bodies. Urgh, also if you have an incidence of shit-gate like we had trying to pull that back over a baby’s head is frankly a clothes tips and tricks the two darlings parenting blog ireland cork popperThe picture above is what every Mammy wants to see – poppers all the way from the neck to the feet – easy access, that’s what I’m all about! And because I produce long children the foot part on our babygros normally gets the chop (usually as I hum a song from the musical Oliver – if you’ve ever seen it you’ll know what I mean!).baby clothes tips and tricks the two darlings parenting blog ireland corkPoppers are every Mammy’s dream – honestly they are my favourite feature on baby and childrens clothes, easy to close whether you have a wriggly baby or an even more wriggly three year old. Buttons are fine but if the material that the button has fit into is really thick then it gets clothes tips and tricks the two darlings parenting blog ireland corkAnd speaking of buttons, let me point out the worst, most frustrating type there is – hidden buttons. I mean really, these are literally impossible to do up. Perhaps only included on fancy sparkly dresses as shown here but if, like us, your toddler shuns loungewear in favour of beautiful dresses well then you have a clothes tips and tricks the two darlings parenting blog ireland cork hidden button

Buttons, or poppers, ALL the way down the back – this gets a serious thumbs up from me!

baby clothes tips and tricks the two darlings parenting blog ireland cork

Bottoms – I find soft jeans or chinos and leggings the best. When it comes to jeans here are my thoughts in a pictorial take.

baby clothes tips and tricks the two darlings parenting blog ireland cork jeans

So there you go, some tips that might be useful to keep in mind next time you hit the shops and are, like me, immediately distracted by the cuteness of the slogan or the prettiness of the print! Any more tips, hints or suggestions leave a comment or throw me a tweet tweet!

29 thoughts on “Useful tips for buying children’s clothes

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  2. Integrated scratch mitts…..leggings with feet so you don’t need socks or booties…..cardigans that are stretchy enough to allow your whole hand in to pull baby arm through the sleeve …booties with elastic around the ankle so they stay on….. I’m sure I’ll think of more!

    1. Clever Sinead, thanks! Especially love the one about the cardigans, I don’t know how many times my hand has gotten stuck with Cara’s arm half in – queue crying and sighing (from Cara and I respectively, not the other way around!).

  3. Fab post. I totally agree with all the points! Elasticated waists are the best, especially at potty training stage! I found out the babygrow with lack of poppers issue with my first so avoided them with my second! It’s a shame when someone gives you a nice outfit that you just know is going to be a pain to put on/off isn’t it?!
    I don’t think I’ve come across any hidden button items… Yet… I can imagine they’re horrible with a wriggly child! 🙂

  4. Great post, I fell into a few traps for pretty clothes that are awful and such a faff, one of my pet hates is shaped buttons with slightly too small holes to put them into and those tiny buttons on the back of the neck of tops that are supposed to be fasted to a tiny loop of string which is barely big enough to get the button through!!

    1. Oh Jenni that’s so right I never even thought about those stupid love heart shaped buttons or the loops, urgh the loops now those are ridiculous!

  5. Some of those gros! It’s like, have you seen a baby?! Roscoe wore girls leggings for the first few months because they were easier to wrestle on.

  6. This is such a useful post, I love it! Something all new Mums would definitely find helpful. I wish I had seen this before most of my newborn purchases! #mummymonday x

  7. So true, all of these! At the moment I’m hating the sleeps it’s that have poppers diagonally down to one foot, where you have to force the first leg in and out! Rompers with no buttons/poppers at the bottom are also very annoying for nappy changes.

    Carolyn #mummymonday

    1. Thanks Carolyn for the kind words!! Jeepers I’d forgotten about those type of babygros – I mean honestly who designs some of this stuff, its ridiculous!

  8. Oh yes, very helpful. Our baby is the wriggliest worm at the moment and refuses to get changed on his back. My life changed when I realized why envelope babygros were designed like that!

  9. This is fantastic! A must read for every new Mum. I’m with Carolyn on those diagonal poppers. Cute but oh so awkward. With my first I also had some gorgeous little dresses with buttons on the back. Who can be doing with fastening up back buttons on a tiny newborn!

  10. Clever tips! I love the idea of those poppers! I’ve refused to buy my daughter anything else other than the ones that have poppers all the way up just to save myself the hassle. Sometimes I wonder what these clothing designers are thinking…Thank you for such a helpful post!

  11. I love this post! And the annotated photos are ace – just what my mummy brain needs to take it all in 😉 Thanks for linking up to #Thelist xx

  12. These are fantastic tips. I remember being a first time pregnant mother and I was buying clothes and things that I never ended up putting on my baby because reality hit they were difficult to change in or outfits for newborns when they just live in sleepers mostly. You learn a lot what not to buy the second time around. lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  13. Great post and I can’t agree with you more.
    I bought too many of those babygros that don’t have a popper in the middle. you’d think I learnt after having number 2. Never going to put it on her. nightmare!
    Jeans is the same. I always go with elastic band even for my 2 1/2 year old. button ones fall off him. #sharewithme

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