Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Review

Vichy is not a brand I can confess to having used often in the past. To my mind it was a skincare brand and it probably wouldn’t have crossed my mind as a brand to go to when I was on the hunt for the mother of all hard working foundations recently. My skin is going through a prolonged phase of being hormonal, I’m using an arsenal of quality skincare products by Nimue to try and remedy the problem which is slowly but somewhat surely working. But the red scarring of spots lingers on making me look like a pubescent fourteen year old, well one with wrinkles and the slightest hint of grey hairs poking through!  Vichy Dermablend 3d correction foundation for oily skin the two darlings foundation for acne ireland I was sent a press release about the new Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction foundation a while back and it caught my eye as it seemed to call out to me with words like correct, cover and improve. So I jumped at the chance to trial the product and I have not looked back since. To the point where I could literally dump every other foundation I own and never miss them. First things first, I have been using this now daily for about three weeks.

I can honestly say that I have pretty much NEVER got a complement on my skin before until I started using this foundation. And given that those comments came from my two sisters who are probably the most honest people I could surround myself with gives those comments even higher gravitas. Actually I may add here that both of them were so impressed with this foundation that they went out and bought it themselves and have both been raving about it since, so there, you don’t have to take my word for it take theirs! Vichy Dermablend 3d correction foundation for oily skin the two darlings foundation for acne ireland
Anyway, some little tips I’ve picked up since using this is that this foundation is a little different to other foundations, it’s almost like a paste when it comes out. I find using one of those new-fangled makeup brushes works best for me when applying the product. I have mostly worn this product without primer to really test its longevity and I usually mix it with an illuminator to add a little lift to my skin but I must add that this in no way reduces the coverage. I will say it takes a little maintenance in the first 5 minutes after application. I find any excess settles into creases especially around the eyes so once I’ve finished applying all my makeup I would give my face a quick buff with Blank Canvas’s Flat Buffer Brush to make sure the foundation sits. After that it doesn’t require any touching up. I use Rimmel’s Pressed Powder most days to set this and it works perfectly.Vichy Dermablend 3d correction foundation for oily skin the two darlings foundation for acne ireland The first picture indoors is taken with no setting powder, no additional concealer and no bronzer. For the picture outdoors I have a little pressed powder and a small bit of Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer in Light but no additional concealer, none! There is also no touching up in these pictures apart from a bit of brightening because the weather is so dark outside.Vichy Dermablend 3d correction foundation for oily skin the two darlings foundation for acne ireland Honestly the coverage of this foundation is just a dream come true. Plus the fact that it just doesn’t look cakey or heavy. Without doubt this is the BESSSSST foundation I have ever tried. Genuinely, and it came at a point when I was beginning to despair with my skin and this has just given me back so much confidence and I look like an adult again. It also contains an SPF of 25 and it costs €23 so it’s a bargain on top of everything else. Myself and my two sisters got the lightest shade which is perfect for our skin and can be bronzed up a little to match tan. Vichy Dermablend 3d correction foundation for oily skin the two darlings foundation for acne ireland I was sent this foundation to try out but every word of praise is duly deserved!! 

6 thoughts on “Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Review

    1. Yes its great, it takes a bit of work to get it to set nicely and also needs a bit of a touch up during the day but those pale into insignificance when you see how great the coverage is but yet it looks so natural.

  1. Looks like a great foundation, I’ve not heard of it before but I’m going to look for it now. My skin is terrible and I’m always searching for a foundation that actually looks good on me.

    1. It’s so fab, plus it treats your skin while it’s on so you don’t have to worry about it clogging pores and making things worse!

  2. What’s wrong with me? Am I the only one that makes my skin oily in a short time? I have tried many foundations for oily skin, some blocked my pore creating pimples some wasn’t so great some was very good enough for coverage, longest mat finish , and not create acne. But THIS … I haven’t seen this results to any of all. This is for acne and oily skin. Makes my skin oily 3 times faster than any other foundation. I clean my face with special soap after a toner and special hydration cream….whats wrong…. desperate and its bright new

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