Wet n Wild Valentines Collection

I’ll be honest, when I first spied Wet n Wild, although I heard lots of really good reviews regarding the quality of the products, I just thought it was a brand that was too young for me. I don’t know if that makes sense but then I thought the same about essence as they had had some collections that just weren’t my style but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by both brands. PLUS the price, I mean, it just makes experimenting with colours so much more accessible. The Valentines Day collections are dropping for lots of brands at the moment so here’s a heads up on what Wet n Wild have to offer. I have never tried anything from this brand so I was eager to put these bits to the test.wet n wild valentines collection the two darlings beauty blog wet n wild review Ok so first things first it’s predictable, lots of pinks and reds but with Spring in the air I’m about ready to see a pop of colour on my nails. Gone are the blacks and greys of the Winter, hello bright, bold shades. The red is a really bright red, even with just one layer the colour is really strong. Excuse the chip above, it’s no fault of the brand but rather my foolishness to think I could paint my nails and have the luxury of letting them dry while at home minding two demanding ladies!

wet n wild valentines collection the two darlings beauty blog wet n wild review

I love the brush on this polish, it’s really wide which makes the application really even and quick, two strokes and the nail was done and one stroke did the smaller nails. Does it last forever? No, no but without a top coat it doesn’t chip massively rather it just wears at the tip. So you can get away with them without your nails looking obviously unkempt. These cost €2.99 each.

I got a highlighter meets blusher from my sister for Christmas from Kiko, an Italian brand and despite my grá for Mary-lou Manizer I find this style of product extremely useful and wearable on a daily basis. The highlight (€4.49) is subtle which is perfect for the playschool run and there’s a really nice hint of pink to give you just a touch of flushed cheek. I really like this product and find myself reaching for it most mornings. wet n wild valentines collection the two darlings beauty blog wet n wild review These lipsticks fill me with pure and utter desire and dread at the same time, the colours are GORGEOUS but I fear a strong lip (€2.99). I think my lips are too thin for bright shades which is so annoying but there is a way of wearing them that is more user friendly. I put on a lip balm first and then tap on a little bit of lippy and blend it in. The pigment in these is really strong and I wish I could make more of it but those of you that are gifted with beautiful lips will really love these.  

wet n wild valentines collection the two darlings beauty blog wet n wild review

The mascara I find a little dry, I have professed my undying love for Benefit’s Rollerlash and this is going to pull me away from that but I love the small brush on the end for my bottom lashes (€5.49). The somewhat dry nature of the mascara actually suits your bottom eyelashes, it dispenses just enough product to add some depth and dimension to your lashes without looking clumpy and ridiculously black. 

wet n wild valentines collection the two darlings beauty blog wet n wild review

These products are available in Dunnes Stores nationwide and selected pharmacies, click here to find your local stockist. And I feel like I have to mention, given all the negative press blogging is receiving lately – yes I received these products for free, I’m disclosing it here like I do in every post that contains samples. This does not, nor has it ever, tainted my view on products. I do not need to give falsely positive reviews to impress PR companies, I don’t get paid to give good reviews, I have a mother and two sisters to answer to so if I were to give a good review on a bad product they would be the first to call me out on it and that has never, nor will it ever, happen! Nuff said! 😉 

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