What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I watched a film recently that made me cry. Me! Cry! Rarely, rarely happens I can assure you but something about it really resonated with me. It’s a documentary called Embrace by Taryn Brummfit which explores the relationship women have with their bodies and encourages us to be more body positive. Not the first of its kind but I think its the way she gets all the different women to open up and talk about their journeys is what really struck a chord with me. It showed how magazine’s photoshop models so that not even the models recognise themselves and then these are the images being fed to us, that we are supposed to aspire to?

I suppose, five months after having my baby I’m at that point where I’d like a little less flab here and a little less skin there. But what sort of message is that sending not only to me but to my three daughters if I look in the mirror and frown??? Something in my mind shifted once I watched the film. And BELIEVE ME when I say I am not usually one for sweeping statements like that or epiphanies. I walked away determined to focus on all the wonderful things my body has done for me and what it continues to do. It has produced three big healthy babies. It has nourished the latest lady for near on 6 months and counting. My legs had brought me to different countries as I competed for my country as an athlete when I was younger. I am healthy. I am (somewhat!) fit. I am tired but I am happy.And why shouldn’t be happy with it? It is wonderful. It is amazing. It is unstoppable. And that is going to be my attitude from here on in. I couldn’t give a shit about how my tummy looks after three sections. I can still feel good in the clothes I want to wear. I can be proud of my body. Women in general, perhaps correct me if I’m wrong, have such a negative view of their bodies, me included at the best of times. But what if, the next time you looked in the mirror, you started to see the good? The positives? Is it really that difficult? I usually focus on my tummy but what if I said instead oh my hair looks nice today or well done boobs!?

A lot of people who follow my blog and social media accounts are Mums like me. I think after having a baby it takes a long time to adjust to the changes. Even if you go back to your normal weight your body shape is different. And even if you still want to loose weight or tone up that’s ok too, sometimes there is a journey towards equilibrium, to where you feel the happiest and the most comfortable in your own skin. And if you aren’t there yet, or if you are and you’re still not happy please be kind to yourself and remember what I’ve said, appreciate your body, enjoy it and treat it well. We have enough stuff going on in our lives everyday without adding self criticism and loathing to the list. The idea behind the Body Image Movement and the film is to get people to Embrace their bodies and I for one have embraced mine, I’ve given it a big squishy hug like the hugs I give my three intelligent, strong and wonderful girls everyday. 

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