Winter wardrobe essentials – investing in quality pieces that last

I have spoken about it more and more lately that I’m eager to move away from trends and fast fashion and to start investing in decent, hardworking, classic pieces of clothes. I don’t have the energy to style outfits in the morning and I find myself gravitating towards the same pieces over and over. So I want to make sure these pieces are really good quality, they need to wash and wear well and they need to look smart. I don’t always get my hair done or any makeup on but if my outfit is smart at least I feel like I’m somewhat presentable. Next year for me will be about focusing on buying less but buying better, and that won’t be just when it comes to clothes.

I’ve worked a lot with Marks and Spencer over the past year and it’s been a pure pleasure, the quality of the clothes, shoes, toys etc that I’ve bought have all been second to none. The price points are good and it’s a company with a good moral and ethical grounding. I want to continue to think long term about the clothes I buy, not just in terms of what I wear but also where they come from, I have four young daughters and now more than ever we need to be more conscious of our future.Anyway, enough of the deep stuff, here are my picks for my capsule winter wardrobe, actually this would probably work for summer too ha ha it’s often than cold here in Ireland.

I can’t tell you how long I have been searching for a camel coat, of all the coats there are there are a few styles, like the trench coat, that stand the test of time. A smart camel coat is one thing I constantly admire on others and so I took my time finding the perfect one and that I have. And you know what this jacket has received more complements than anything I have ever worn, honestly, even my Dad commented on it and said how smart it was and I think if I was to stick to one coat from the rest of time it would be this, no joke! It’s so beautiful on, it’s warm, it’s a beautiful cut and the wool cashmere blend is so luxurious. It’s not the cheapest coat but I think it’s a hugely worthwhile investment piece.  It also comes in grey and navy and in petite and regular size.Ah jeans, no matter how many dresses I buy in a bid to ‘mix things up’ it just doesn’t happen, jeans are my go to pretty much everyday, I mix it up by wearing different colour jeans but rarely different styles because I have found my favourites and I’m sticking to them. I adore the jeggings from Marks and Spencer (if you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ll know that!) but my shopping is generally confined to online and for a while there they are gone from the website (still in stores!) so recently I was forced to branch out and I tried out the high waisted super skinny jeans and I LOVE them – slightly dressier than the jeggings but equally as comfortable. They come in a range of lengths that for me, at 5 ft 11, is the biggest sell, well that and the fact that they are only €27!!Previously when I thought of a blazer I immediately thought of ‘interview’ but now there are so many styles that a blazer can fit nicely into daily wear and really makes a very boring jumper and jeans type outfit instantly smarter. I prefer this slightly more relaxed style, somewhat oversized but yet still structured. I find with my height the double breasted blazers are nicer but this one is simple, elegant, smart and comfortable. I went for a UK14 so that I would have space to fit a jumper on underneath and it’s perfect.I love shirts, I think they are so much easier to dress up or dress down than say a tshirt. For me too at the moment they are a real go to as I am breastfeeding so they allow for easy access but beyond my time nursing they will serve me well. I love the feel of satin and silk and yes silk does require special attention when it comes to washing but the feel of silk and the simple fact you know you’re wearing silk instantly makes you feel more glamorous!

I don’t think there are any of us that can be without a hat and a scarf in this country during the winter, especially if like me you walk lots. I can’t stand when my neck is cold so a scarf is an absolute essential for me. I used to love the really chunky style which are undoubtedly really warm but they are a pain sometimes because they are just so big. So I got myself a cashmere scarf which, admittedly could be a bit chunkier, but its insanely warm for the size of it.The hat well I am weak for myself in it, I think it’s so smart. It’s actually a mens hat but that is purely because I have a huge head and a huge head of hair. I went for a large which is actually probably a bit too big, a strong gust would take it down the road but other that that it sits perfectly and I absolutely love it. It’s just a bit different to a normal wooly hat that I would wear so it’s nice to mix things up! There are also some lovely similar styles in the ladies section.

Up until recently I had never worn cashmere but this winter I invested in a few jumpers and I am glad I did. The one thing I find is that they need washing less (which is great because they are handwash only) but I find with synthetic fabrics in jumpers I was sweating in them more during the winter months and they had to be washed after nearly every wear but cashmere I get so many wears out of it. Plus they hold their shape much better than synthetic fabrics. I’m totally sold on them, the material feels like but there is such warmth in them.I used to be a converse kind of girl, all day every day and I still love them but I do love how much smarter even the simplest of outfit can look when you pop on a pair of boots. I really, really love these Chelsea boots (so much so I have them in black and brown!), it’s a style that has been around for so long now and it never really dates. I have these months now and I have gotten so much wear out of them, I wear them for the school run (which is quite often an actual run because I am never on time for anything anymore!) and they are so comfortable. They are leather so they are soft which helps, and only €70, a genuine investment but without a major cost. If those boots aren’t your style in general sticking to leather or suede shoes is a good way to go but just remember to protect them before you get them wet. So there it is, plain and simple but really good basic pieces that will see you through this winter and the next and the next. It makes life for me easier in the mornings when I can put my hand on one of a few items and know that I will look smart despite the bags under my eyes!

This is an ad, a paid collaboration with Marks and Spencer.



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